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  • jaffa_joe jaffa_joe Jul 2, 2011 8:16 PM Flag

    Anyone know when a legal decision

    is coming?

    How will if affect hwg?

    Brookwood doesn't exactly look like a windfall these days.

    Anyone know what Gumbiner is doing with hwg assets? It smells like a gigantic leveraged crap shoot to me.

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    • Court has ruled a +/- 25 MM judgement today including interest and costs. Just because HWG is a public entity doesn't mean that management will have a press release!

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      • Your estimate seems in the ballpark adding in interest and attorneys' fees. The approximate 25 million settlement will probably be paid in installments. The company's cash position and expected cash flow should allow them to get by as a viable business. Any opinions on the Investec litigation?

        They still appear very undervalued and this clarifies the largest uncertainty overhanging HWG. On the other hand questions about how the company is run remain.


      • I can't find a file in the Dallas County Courts. Where does this information exist, please?

        Was it a judgement against HWG or Gumbiner et al.? Or both?

        Wii they appeal? DO they have to post a bond? "25mil+costs+interest for three years." This could be 30mil easy.

        Why did they not make a filing/disclosure today?

        I am astounded!If there is not an 8k filed tomorrow, I will fall down.

        I don't think this company has ever been big on following the rules.

    • The decision should come anytime (before 7/18/2011 when a scheduled hearing will take place).

      Gumbiner and HWG are not allowed to invest the funds until the decision is rendered (a hearing took place on 6/15/2011 about this).

      The impacts on HWG are unclear but in my estimation, unlikely to be significant.

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      • "unlikely to be significant. "

        Huh? What if there is a civil verdict for $150 mil.? What if the appeals court require a bond?

        It appears to me that hwg owns one going concern that is in decline, has huge potential legal liabilities, and the chair is looking for ways to use the remaining assets (leveraged) to shoot craps with UBS--not to mention Gumbiner is milking the company for all its worth to support a lavish lifestyle at the expense of the shareholders.

        Remember Dennis Kozlowski? How is this different? Maybe this stock needs to be $1--not $20?