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    • The MM is screwing around with the posted bid and
      asks price again today. For example, You see a bid of
      13 � with asked of 13 15/16 and last sale of 14. We
      had several sales at 14 with the bid and asked

    • My bad homie. I meant "Professional Practices" is
      under construction with no info on the site.
      I did
      see the vast descriptions of the remote services
      which we all know about. I was looking for something
      beyond their basic core competence. No harm intended.
      Thanks for the feedback.

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      • I cannot believe your most recent post �Can
        anyone tell me what Pivot's service offerings currently
        are? � Your joking I hope. Pivot Technologies Inc. was
        founded to provide high quality cost effective network
        and systems management solutions to leading edge
        organizations. Pivot Technologies offers fully automated remote
        network and systems management services that are
        fundamentally different from conventional solutions. The
        collection of services, called Remote Managed Services Plans
        (RMSPs) RMSP Basic, RMSP Standard, RMSP Plus, and RMSP
        Platinum specifically address the shortcomings of
        conventional network management; they are far less expensive
        than any other network management service or product,
        while providing superior responsiveness. Each plan is
        based on Pivot's automated network management
        technology and its proactive approach to problem
        identification and resolution. The Pivot concept originated as a
        practical, operational-level response to the problem of high
        network management costs at a Fortune-500 company. The
        engineers who devised the system quickly realized that it
        was a much better way to accomplish the task, and
        created Pivot Technologies.
        Basically, the concept
        behind Pivot's services is to completely automate the
        network management task and run it entirely from the
        automated Pivot center: use systems to manage systems,
        rather than using human operators to manage systems.
        This enables Pivot to deliver a robust, Fortune
        500-class network monitoring solution at a price that any
        business can afford.
        The three main problems with
        existing network management solutions arise from: first,
        the need for IT staffing; second, the need for
        dedicated monitoring and management components such as
        client software; and third, the need for periodic
        reconfiguration of the system to bring the management solution in
        line with the actual network.
        By eliminating client
        software, the need for on-site installation, configuration
        and training vanishes. By automating the process, the
        need for expensive IT professionals (and a NOC to
        house them) also vanishes. Without purchase,
        installation, configuration, or personnel costs, the overall
        cost of the service drops dramatically.
        Further, by
        eliminating those same costs internally, Pivot is able to
        offer complete network management services at a
        dramatically lower cost than its competitors.
        Pivot tech
        does so much more and I advise you to do your DD at
        the Pivot site www.pivottech.coms.N