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  • docholidae58 docholidae58 Sep 5, 2010 4:23 PM Flag

    Great Value does anyone

    understand what overvalued means- Like to know who keeps propping up this thing - Kinda of obvious don't u think???

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    • Why don't you read back for abuot 6 months te see how many other people had the same silly theory before you present it again. You will join them in the poorhouse if you are shorting.

      Here's an excerpt from the WSJ. Read it and weep:

      Multifamily apartments also have been doing very well. We are seeing great household formations, pent-up demand, less interest in homeownership despite the historically low cost of homeownership. Typically in U.S. multifamily, about two-thirds of your portfolio turns over every year on average. As the market's turning positive, you can adjust the rents in your portfolio pretty quickly. We are not the only ones with a crystal ball; a lot of investors understand these dynamics, so the values of these stocks have done pretty well. We still think there is some more room to run in terms of the rental rate growth.

      Got that? "A lot of investors understood the dynamics" and we've made a lot of money, and we'll make a lot more too! You're on the wrong end of this when you go short, but if you want to learn yourself, be my guest - I'll enjoy spending my dividend checks while you learn!

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