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  • Schwabman Schwabman Oct 1, 2002 9:42 AM Flag

    OSTE gets bad news and up +.30???//


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    • How is what OSTE did bad news? The had a VOLUNTARY recall, meaninig they did it on their own. OSTE announced that the recall was a precautionary measure and didn't hide anything like CRY did!

      Gee OSTE fell yesterday and bounced back today... leads me to believe the drop was just a quick reaction to the news of the VOLUNTARY recall. Let's see, CRY CRASHED and is now gasping for air! If CRY was "OK" in their processes, then why have they not bounced back?

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      • >>If CRY was "OK" in their processes, then why have they not bounced back<<

        I don't think anyone who has paid attention would say that CRY was "OK" in their process. The FDA certainly found cause for concern and the numbers on the infections speak volumes.

        From the press release, it would appear that OSTE found a problem and addressed it rapidly and responsibly.

        CRY on the other hand was cited repeatedly by the NY Dept of Health for failure to report adverse events and when the CDC found out how bad things really were at CRY, CRY said they would see what they could do.

        The FDA deemed CRY's response as inadequate and issued a recall. CRY's price did jump when they announced emergency relief, but that was really more because of CRY's market share in these niche tissues than CRY's demonstration that they could clean up their act. The bounce in the stock price was due to a gross misunderstanding of the FDA agreement and the misunderstanding was hyped aggressively on this board with predictions of daily double digit gains, CRY going to the moon, wait for the news, and other assorted nonsense.

        CRY made the FDA look VERY bad as the carved out a path or death and destruction while the FDA assumed things were OK. The FDA will make SURE that CRY is in compliance with the rest of the industry before things will begin to approach normalcy and the FDA will be in no great rush to put CRY's tissues back on the market.

    • They took a major hit yesterday and had to bounce a little

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