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  • pahad21 pahad21 Dec 15, 2009 2:46 PM Flag

    Can any one explain this action?

    Wow, it looked like it will easily cross 6.9 and boom something pulled it back.

    Not sure why it is so hard to break through that resistance.

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    • dlhild Dec 16, 2009 1:35 PM Flag

      CRY has technical resistance at $7.00 with strong support at $5.90. Generally, we are in an overpriced market right now IMO. When the overall market gets crunched, quite soon would be my guess, CRY will go lower along with everything else. We have been in a secular bear market for 9 years...since 2000. These cycles typically run 15 to 25 years. Therefore, we are still in a asset protection environment for several/many more years. Housing is being supported by government buyer credits, low government interest rates, and massive government buying of the mortgages themselves. Jobs will keep a lid on housing too. Housing prices are apt to trend lower for another 12+ months. Who knows yet if housing can breath on its own once support is removed. Gold has been trending higher, not because it should be worth anything, but because investors are starting to fear all fiat currencies. That is a scary message. Gold is not going higher now because of inflation fears. I know this, because the gold mining stocks have not gone up as much as they should have relative to gold itself. The macroeconomic climate will probably have more to do with CRY's price than its fundamentals will. Then you wonder why CRY, and other stocks too, have leveled off here? Also, CRY is fighting with the supplier of their fastest growing product line. Who knows where CRY goes from here. If they resolve their supplier problems, then perhaps we go higher over time. If they end up losing their supplier contract, we may retest the $5.90 support level. Things will get better when people quit watching football and understand how bad things are. All of us have to stop fighting over stupid things and start solving the issues that may keep us alive. Yet, so far there is no indication of this down the secular bear rat hole we will go...for another 10 years or so. Also, I have not observed very much "substance" on this message board. That's unfortunate.

    • chart setting up nicely...
      look for breakout 1-2010?

    • accumulation earlier in the day, not enough following it, a little profit taking. We'll see the heavy trading up soon enough. Double-digits soon.

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