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  • dlhild Jan 13, 2010 9:49 PM Flag

    This is great news. A great addition

    $2/share is not likely to buy many more Medafor shares. The 1.6 million shares purchased were probably founder shares with a basis of a nickel. Most Medafor shareholders own their stock at $2/share. If this deal happens, CRY will have to "pony up". My guess is Medafor is not for sale below $6-$8/share. CRY will have trouble buying Medafor, because CRY stock is cheap...because of CRY's slow sales growth. CRY is unlikely to force Medafor to the table either, because Medafor is now profitable enough to fight CRY to a stand still. SGA, if you want to buy Medafor, get reasonable with your offer, because. Your $2/share offer isn't even in the ball park. If Medafor was part of CRY, CRY's revenue multiplier would probably double overnight. SO CRY shareholders, don't get too excited. The information CRY is putting out is only a small part of the real story.

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    • Of course it is fair value. What multiples do you think you think medafor should get? The company has been flailing. Getting cryolife shares with the purchase will return a much bigger investment for medafor shareholders.

      Sorry you don't make any sense--a nickel share basis, therefore therefore those shares were just given to CRY for a fraction of their true value? Again your logic is flawed. If you had gold at $200/oz, you'd probably sell if you someone offered you $400/oz.

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      • I don't know who you've been talking to about "the company failing" but you couldn't be further from the truth! 60% growth rates the past couple is profitable....expandingin every area of surgery....reps showing up everywhere. You show me a start up that's profitable and growing at the rates they are in the scope of their business sector. Not many. I look forward to Cryo's letter to all shareholders for support. It "ain't" gonna happen friends. This is nothing but a bunch of spilled milk from "some old disgruntled shareholders" to try to take control of something they probably feel they should have never let go of in the first place. Cryo will not be distributing Med's product much longer is my guess.

      • dlhild Jan 13, 2010 11:13 PM Flag

        R U trying to make a point? Who told you Medafor was failing?

    • good point.

    • current offer would = $2.(cash) and $6.61(shs)by your figures that would be just right!
      good deal for all, and less headache and hassle for medafor(being publicly owned has its own set of headaches, past day to day mgmt of humans in the workplace.

    • Cry is a privately held company in Minneapolis. I assume that our poster, dihild of St. Paul, is a party in one of the two rounds of funding that supported Medafor and is privy to insider info that is not available to us mere retail stock market investors.

      I welcome further enlightenment from dihild.

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