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  • dlhild Jan 19, 2010 11:11 PM Flag

    Unlikely lovers...

    I could perhaps make a "pretty good guess" at the numbers you ask for. However, Medafor is on a calendar year. The 2009 audited financial statements have not yet been shared with Medafor shareholders. I don't expect this for several more months either. You are not going to see numbers from me in any event. If others disclose them and discuss them, then I may comment. For now, the real question is whether Medafor has, and will continue to have, sufficient cash flow to legally resist CRY until the end of the day, The answer to that is "I think so and I hope so". Time will tell won't it?

    Should CRY decide to make a reasonable offer with reasonable conditions, I'm not opposed to a CRY offer, or any other offer, under these conditions. However, based upon events to date, it may be impossible to ever develop a trust relationship with CRY. Hence, I don't think the two compamies will ever be lovers.

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