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  • dlhild Feb 2, 2010 7:17 PM Flag

    An opinion based upon a bit of guess work

    1st block of 1,600,000 shares probably came from founders. They were given their shares when Medafor was incorporated, or at least early in Medafor's life. They really did benefit to the tune of $2/share. Age, philosophy, whatever inspired their sale. Probably 4 to 6 people involved with this transaction.

    2nd block is trickier to guess at. If I had to guess, I would say these are from 1 or 2 people and perhaps had a basis close to $1.50 / share.

    I would guess that all shares so far came from the group that opposed current management in the last proxy fight. Assuming this is the case, the anti-management shares have simply changed hands, so has anything really changed I wonder.

    Also, I again maintain that the vague proposal is worth perhaps $0.25/share tops to Medafor shareholders who generally have about a $2/share cost basis. My votes go to support current management. I hope other Medafor shareholdrs are on board with this.

    I wouldn't mind a small rally here so I can exist my remaining CRY shares. I will probably wait for the earnings announcement.

    I agree they appear to have been cutting expenses. However, I don't think they are doing very well at growing revenues. Revenue gorwth is a long term plan. Expense cutting is more short term in nature...IMHO.

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    • you are i belive right on.i've been involed since day one .the winers sold and i'am sure are trying to make a side deal ,they had next to nothing in vested in those shares. the last sold made a little bit may have needed the bucks.crys offer makes me no money. don't need it but would wait another 10yearsbefore selling to a co that can't get it's sales up or stock price up.

    • Following are sales numbers from MSN money, now where do you see drop in sales in last 6-7 years??
      12/09 108.60
      12/08 104.15
      12/07 93.71
      12/06 81.12
      12/05 69.24
      12/04 62.31
      12/03 59.04
      12/02 76.97
      12/01 86.68
      12/00 76.48
      12/99 65.85

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      • dlhild Feb 3, 2010 8:52 PM Flag

        Think about it a little. Let's use your numbers. Total sales were $104.1M and 108.6M for 2008 and 2009, respectively. That would be an increase of about $4.5M. Now subtract off $4.5M for the increase in HemoStase sales. That means the net sales growth of the primary product lines, tissue and BioGlue, were essentially flat. Since they don't seem to be able to grow their two main product lines, they would seem to have a bit of a problem. I don't care about anything before 2008. Now do you understand? They may desperately need Medafor in order to grow revenues. However, if they need Medafor that badly, they will need to "pony up", and a crappy $2/share stock vague proposal worth only about $0.25/share seems to be absurd. CRY would probably want lock-up periods too. Medafor and CRY aren't even close to an offer that should even be considered by the Medafor board. Medafor employees are out growing revenues while CRY is dreaming. Who would even want to be acquired by a company who has demonstrated an inability to grow their own revenues? All my opinion anyway.

        On 2/18/10 they will issue actual numbers for the 4th quarter and for 2009. We can update to actual numbers at that time. Right now your 2009 number has to be an estimate. I think the estimate is a tad low, and will come in closer to $110M. This would show some very slow revenue growth.

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