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  • dlhild Mar 7, 2010 6:48 AM Flag

    BioGlue - Tenaxis Questions

    First, per the above link and per the related patent case, it appears Tenaxis already has a BioGlue "knock-off". Is this understanding correct?

    My second question is potentially a really serious matter to CRY. In mid 2012 BioGlue goes off patent in the US. What would stop Tenaxis from starting now on their PMA to sell their BioGlue generic the day after the patent expired? CRY's profitability could be rapidly destroyed overnight if they were both losing sales and had eroding gross profit margins. Potentially, this could be devastating to their long term cash flow and share price, assuming no other product sales picked up the slack.

    Add in a market correction too, and CRY's stock could fall a lot from the current level.

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    • that you didn't take the stock deal when CRY was trading at 6 and you missed out on the 15% gain. That is no reason to continue to post your continuing bashes. But maybe it is!

      When does Medafor announce earnings? Do they still have their going concern comment? Oh is $13M rev and historically unprofitable company, that isn't public, and yet continues refuse to even negotiate. So you keep your secret....But for grins, check in and let us know in the future how much dilution occurs or debt is incurred when Medafor trys and raise capital by itself. :-)

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      • dlhild Mar 7, 2010 10:55 PM Flag

        Q: Why should Medafor negotiate when the company is currently "not for sale"?
        A: It would be stupid to do so.

        Q: Why open your records to someone trying to screw you?
        A: It would be stupid to do so.

        What appears to be a real possibility though is that in 2013, after BioGlue goes off patent and assuming no major sales from new products, that CRY could be a break even company (if it lost about $12M in sales and had its gross margin cut back form 85% to 70%). This possibility goes to the substance of my question. This is a valid question. A stock analyst would know what I'm talking about and adjust their reports accordingly. This makes CRY stock unattractive to Medafor shareholders. By the way, all my sell orders placed last Thursday, so that timing worked out rather well anyway.

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