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  • BillX_97 BillX_97 Mar 18, 2010 6:59 PM Flag

    Medafor shareholders are going to

    look mighty silly when CRY's share price is at $15/share. I'm glad CRY is withdrawing the offer. Good news is probably coming.

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    • For those with back problems, I just found this awesome site today.
      It is the Spine Arthroplasty Society(SAS) - International Society for the Advancement of Spine Surgery. It just so happens, I live in Houma, LA which is a one hour drive from New Orleans and they are currently holding a 3 day conference there and Anulex is one of the companies that will be attending. How I would love to get into that meeting to hear what the latest procedures are for disc repair!

    • Wow!

      I agree with you on difference between Stryker's products Cry's investigational product.
      I was not aware about this. Thank you very much for providing this link.

    • One site would be:

      The CryoLife biodisc procedure is not a fusion like what Stryker is proposing but rather a more natural way of repairing the existing disc. Biodisc is also a minimally invasive procedure. From my research, fusions lead to disc degeneration to upper level disc because of restricted body movement. Total disc replacement uses metallic products which could potentially slip and sever the spinal cord or have other potentially dangerous consequences. Disc Dynamics was the only other company that would have invented a superior disc repair procedure until they went bankrupt this year. Please understand that this is just what I have found through my research. I just know that so many people suffer from back pain, including myself, and we have no where to turn and we suffer in silence while our lives are destroyed. Pain medicines are addictive and most back surgeries today provide no relief or only temporary relief. I do pray that Biodisc is the answer and that if it is, they present it to the FDA as soon as possible.

    • any link that show Cryolife has worked on Biodisc??

      I though they are only in human heart valves, bioglue, biofoam and products mentioned on CRY's websites.

      I know Stryker has developed multiple products in this area.

    • I would be another patient of the Biodisc if it ever received FDA approval. Actually I found out about CryoLife while searching for new and innovative break-through procedures for non-invasive disc repair surgery. While CryoLife has no current plans for receiving FDA approval, I'm still interested in purchasing this stock because of Biodisc's superior back procedure and its' unbelievable potential.
      The only other company that came close to real relief for back pain sufferers was Disc Dynamics. Disc Dynamics used a type of balloon which is microsurgically inserted into a degenerated disc and filled with a cushion material. The procedure was being performed in Europe and clinical trials were done in the U.S.A.; however, Disc Dynamics had to shut down in February 2010. They were given the run-around while trying to receive FDA approval and they ran out of cash. This company would actually be a great purchase if the purchaser could continue with FDA approval where Disc Dynamics left off. I am concerned that this could happen to CryoLife in getting Biodisc FDA approval but I am sure they have more experience in this area than Disc Dynamics. See web site below:

    • Biodisc is a unique product considering the alternatives of fusion and prosthetic devices. It would certainly have at least one patent. Unfortunately, it seems to have hit more than a typical regulatory snag last summer while trying to get a CE mark Europe. CRY lists its status now as available only for "investigational use" in Europe at this tome.

    • Thanks for these terrific posts. The difference between CRY and Med. in stark relief. I have been watching CRY a long time. They have had their hard times and have paid their dues. Their persistence and creative approach has added value and I think will pay off in the future. Am very much interested in more detail on the advantages of the biodisc vs. products/procedures already on the market. What do you estimate the size of this market is? This will be a patentable device as well? Thanks again for the great detail presented in such a meaningfull way.

    • I wouldn't say Edwards was an overlap but rather an alternative and thus a competitor to a human preserved heart valve like CRY offers. I believe they offer both bovine(cows) and porcine(pigs) valves. Medtronic definitely offers the latter and St. Jude should still be the leading U.S. supplier of mechanical heart valves. Needless to say, all of these companies are a magnitude larger than Cryolife which demonstrates the preference of surgeons and the practicality of valves sourced from something other than human tissue.

    • dlhild Mar 28, 2010 9:22 PM Flag

      rroach, do you think there is any overlap between CRY and EW (Edwards Life Sciences)? If so, would you please share your thoughts? Thank you.

    • dlhild Mar 28, 2010 7:18 PM Flag

      rroach, "THANK YOU" for responding.

      You made a number of excellent points.

      Please keep posting your thoughts and opinions.

      You seem to know a lot about CRY and their products.

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