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  • dlhild May 19, 2010 12:18 AM Flag

    CRY = Buy Out “Anti-Matter”

    springer, I have respect for you and your comments. However, IMO you are accepting the "pig in the poke" story.

    For example, you state "...after CRY buys Medafor". I'm telling you this will never happen. CRY can't afford to pay enough to make the deal attractive to Medafor shareholders. They don't have the cash to buy Medafor. CRY's stock price is low, and it is hard to buy something with cheap stock. CRY's problem is that an acceptable price to Medafor shareholders would result in so much dilution it would not be acceptable to CRY shareholders. I think the Magle contract may be another deal breaker, but I'm still digesting that.

    Your assuming BioFoam is going to go gang busters. I'm not convinced it is. This is a "pig in a poke" if I ever saw one. When I see results, then I will change my mind on BioFoam. Until then, it is a "pig in a poke".

    You think that CRY is so big and so strong they will prevail. Medafor shareholders look at it differently. We are a well organized band of bed fellows. Our investment would be worth zero had it not been for GS. GS is very competent, and extremely honest. We will fight to the last person defending him. Your a military person, you should be able to understand that type of loyalty. More importantly, Medafor's "net cash flow" is growing at a much faster growth rate than CRY's. My calculations put CRY and Medafor in a "net cash flow" dead heat in less than 36 months ( I admit I'm doing a lot of guess work here).

    More another time. Keep posting, because I like your thoughts.

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    • If Medafor is doing as great as you say, then CRY is in a win-win situation, i.e., if they merge with Medafor it will help them, and otherwise their investment in Medafor stock is worth a lot more than they paid. The Magle deal locked up raw supply for Medafor, and now we just have to wait and see who will blink first. The wisest thing for CRY to do at this point might be to give Magle a call and see if they would like to join forces. Surely, Magle would like to sell more product to Medafor. When the judge rules in favor of CRY, the only way it appears Medafor will be buying a lot more product from Magle could be when CRY gives Medafor more orders for Hemostase. It looks like it's just a matter of time before the three parties get together and decide how they want to make the most money.

      Oh yeah, all stocks are a "pig in the poke" if you want to make big money. The only way you make big money is by predicting the future and buying a stock before the news hits, or becomes evident to the market at large.

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