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  • dlhild Aug 12, 2010 7:11 PM Flag

    Cry v Medafor Update

    I suspect this is Curly's game plan, to go the "little Anderson prodigy" route. I was going to post on this subject in some detail once, but decided against going there. I can only guess how many better employees have been buried along the way. Curly runs it like a private corporation, and we have all been down that route. Moo has a $$$ "bull ring" in his nose, and for this reason has to follow Curly.

    I don't think Medafor shareholders are being played for fools. As a Medafor shareholder I have been able to observe GS and GT from a distance. I have yet to see them misrepresent anything to shareholders, and I'm pretty good at reading financial information. In fact they are the two most honest executive managers I have ever observed. I think most, but not all, shareholders agree with me too. That's why Curly did not show up at the Medafor meeting. I was just hoping to have the opportunity to speak honestly with Curly. Curly & Co. put out a lot of misrepresented information in this regard.

    This litigation cost is enormous for a small company, but Medafor has always been a story of greed. Curly is just another chapter. Watch the exponential growth aspect though. 60% annual growth (with 70% margins) going against high single digit growth. Medafor has the cash flow necessary to fight to the end of days. To bad it has to be this way, but I think Curly has already burned all Medafor bridges. Get new management at CRY, and things may change because a functional relationship would make a lot of sense to everybody.

    However, when Curly let's his people try to sell in Hong Kong...which accordingly to Curly is not China...I hope you start to see the problem. Think back to the private corp. mentality.

    Had Curly made his move 6 months earlier, he would have won. Now exponential growth, high gross profit margins, and time are working against Curly.

    Your $5 to $6 range is spot on.

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