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  • dlhild Aug 23, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    CRY as a Buy-Out Candidate:

    Other than BioFoam and PerClot, what other things are in the pipeline? What would you guess the BioFoam FDA timeline will be? What sort of market do you see for BioFoam? Do you think we will see any improvement in tissue margins? You have clearly been successful trading CRY. No one can dispute success. What you have said makes a lot of sense. Right now I think we are biding time in the $5.20 to $5.60 range.

    • The main product besides Perclot and Biofoam, I see getting FDA approval is the decelluzied aorta heart valve using Synergraft technology. In 2008 when CRY got the pulmonary heart valve approved using the same technology, the stock went from the 6s to 16.50 in about 6 months. Heart surgeons had a waiting list of kids lined up for surgery. ( Now with a defective aorta heart valve one of the solutions is named after Doctor Ross whereby the defective aorta is replaced with the patient's own pulmonary heart valve and then a new pulmonary valve is inserted using the Synergraft technology!) This tissue product has a 60% gross margin last I heard. It's hard for me to believe that the pulmonary heart valve was approved by FDA more than 4 years ago with great success and arota still hasn't been approved.
      Mgt. has stated that they are working on getting Perclot approved in Canada and Brazil. That could happen within the next year. To me that is a big thing because the worldwide market for Perclot is much bigger than worldwide market for Bioglue. Every hospital needs a product like that whereas only hospitals that are doing more critical life and death surgeries like heart surgeries need Bioglue.
      I don't have a time line for FDA approval of Biofoam but think mgt. is working on it. My guess is Biofoam is a great product because last I heard 3 hospitals in Germany are using it. I think the Germans are by far the highest quality guys in Europe so their acceptence of Biofoam gives me confidence in the quality of the product. The worldwide market for Biofoam is much smaller than either Bioglue or Perclot. However approval of all three products would give CRY considerable marketing power helping each products sales in my opinion. CRY could say we have the highest quality product in each product category!
      I think there are also oppotunities to expand the sales and margins on the aquisitions of Cardiogenesis and Hemophere.
      This is my own personal opinion. Do your own homework.

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