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  • dlhild Sep 4, 2012 12:03 PM Flag

    Great article on CRY by the Marietta Daily Journal

    The subject article was long on ego stroking and short on financial content.

    You can talk all you want about SA being a “good guy” (Marietta Daily Journal) or a “bad guy” (Robin Young – Orthopedics This Week, where Robin Young called SA the “Bad Boy of Biotech”). However, my point is that SA has not been an effective Director, CEO, and President if you measure him in terms of stock appreciation over the past 18 years. Note too that this is an objective metric, not a subjective opinion.

    Two stories for possible new investors:

    Story 1: You should buy CRY stock because the CEO is a “nice guy”. Stock performance has historically been poor for 18 years, but the CEO is helping the world so you should invest in CRY anyway because while you don’t really care about your equity investment you do care about helping people. Hooray for you! Heaven is your destiny!

    Story 2: You should invest in CRY in hopes of receiving stock appreciation while simultaneously helping people in the process. After 18 years as CEO and 18 years of poor stock performance perhaps SA should finally be replaced by a new CEO who is actually interested in creating appreciation for shareholders.

    I’m sure there are more possible stories too, so write your own.

    Do your own due diligence.

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    • Robin Young is so prejudiced against Cryolife that he's even posted incorrect numbers. One example: he wrote that CRY had flushed $6 million down the toilet -- note his unbusinesslike choice of phrases -- trying to acquire Medafor. Ten years ago, he all but said the company would go out of business. Young typically writes about CRY with a tone worthy of the most outspoken short-sellers. I can think of only two other cases where a supposedly neutral observer has consistently shown such bias and those writers were just financial reporters while Young is a CFA.

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