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  • dlhild Dec 14, 2012 11:24 AM Flag

    Gerald Seery 's Departure

    I think Gerald Seery (GS) had, up until now, been the Sr. V.P. Sales and Marketing. Bruce G. Anderson (BA), to my knowledge, is still the V.P. U.S. Sales and marketing. Prior to now, I understood that GS was above BA, at least in terms of the formal management flowchart structure. I'm guessing that SA had plans several years ago to promote BA to the Sr. V.P. Sales and Marketing position, along with a nice pay raise of course. It seems like there is nothing like keeping a public corporations $$$ in the family. My hunch is that perhaps GS was lucky to hang-on for this long, given what I suspect was SA's long-term game plan for promoting BA into his position. I don't think GS, who is 55, went on his own accord, although that is just a guess on my part. So I'm guessing that CRY is close to announcing that BA has been promoted. I'm not sure what BA's new title will be, but I’m guessing it will be a fancy one such as Senior Executive V.P. Worldwide Sales and Marketing, but the point is to expect a BIG BA promotion. A nice fat promotion as a holiday gift is in store I think. Also, my own opinion is that this is part of CRY's underlying poor management problem, which at its core is a SA management problem. I'm guessing SA thinks, and perhaps does run, CRY like a private company. If you get in SA’s way, you go the way of GS, its that simple I suspect. In this specific case this probably means that SA's son, BA, is on the promotional fast track. I wonder too if DAL is a little worried about all of this. Whether BA is all that competent, or if he just has a stiff SA tail wind behind him, I don't know. If I'm right about this though, think of what this does to the underlying fabric of a company. It means people have to treat BA very carefully, because if they don't BA tattles to SA, and bang they follow GS out the door. Perhaps GS could confirm whether I’m right about my hunches here? That's what I'm talking about when I say it is my opinion that SA runs CRY like a private company. Can I prove my gut hunches, no or course not. Could I be mistaken, of course I could. But in my mind there is a logical and dangerous progression taking place at CRY. It has a negative affect on the share price and that in turn has a negative affect shareholders.

    Go to Google finance, put in CRY, click on all years and you will see a pretty ugly stock chart history. SA was the CEO all the while. I think that the above analysis may be part of why CRY’s historical stock performance has been poor for several years.

    These were just my thoughts, opinions, and musings. This is just what I think. You though have to sort things out for yourselves, since at the end of the day you and only you are responsible for your due diligence.

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