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  • dlhild Feb 19, 2013 11:46 AM Flag


    Historical PerClot Revenues (Check the numbers yourself though):

    Q4 2010 $264,000 First/Partial Quarter – Not Meaningful

    Q1 2011 $660,000 QoQ Revenue Change - Not Meaningful
    Q2 2011 $631,000 -4% QoQ
    Q3 2011 $620,000 -2% QoQ
    Q4 2011 $617,000 -0% QoQ

    Q1 2012 $644,000 +4% QoQ
    Q2 2012 $691,000 +7% QoQ
    Q3 2012 $734,000 +6% QoQ
    Q4 2012 $1,009,000 +37 QoQ – First time sale of roughly $200,000 to a Russian hospital.

    My guess is that the PerClot cost center is presently operating at a net operating loss (because of low sales volumes and because the FDA approval costs would be charged back to this cost center).
    Check these revenue numbers yourself, since you are responsible for doing your own due diligence.
    The PerClot story I think needs about 3 years to resolve itself. CRY seems to think they will receive FDA approval for PerClot. CRY seems to think they will be able to sell PerClot (after FDA approval) in the U.S. without the courts holding that CRY is infringing on Medafor’s patent. As for the patent outcome, we will have to wait about three years to see what the courts decide. If CRY wins the litigation, it will be a big plus for CRY. If CRY loses the litigation, it will be a major disaster for CRY. So for now, who knows?
    What’s a coin flip cost center worth?
    Conclusion: Draw your own conclusions. The above is just what I’m thinking about at the moment. You Amigo have to sort things out for yourself. You are responsible for doing your own due diligence.

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    • Have you been following Valve Exchange? Sounds like that company is working on European Cen approval. I had written off that investment but it sounds like CRY may have a huge winner there too. It is a possible huge kicker for the stock as CRY has the right to market the product in Europe and the right of first refusal to bbuy the whole company. The more I've be reading about the Valve exchange heart valve it sounds like a possible revolunary product. CRY is also doing some smart things like having a special training session this year for young heart soon to be heart surgeons. I think they are also having a training session on the Hero Graft.

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      • dlhild Feb 19, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

        I don't se ValveXchange being worth much, at least not for a long time. Selling products in Europe, IMO is rarely very profitable because of the European problems coupled with the fragmented medical system there. They are 4-5 years away from having this considered in the U.S. By they both the U.S. and the medical system in the U.S. will be in shambles.

        CRY just continues to run complicated medical models, and that is difficult to do for any small company, let alone a small company with extraordinarily poor leadership.

        Conclusion: To me very little value here at the moment. Just a spin story for SA

        Do your own due diligence.

      • Nothing matters except this stock is broken and not even Moses could bring it back except sale or all new management team.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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