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  • dlhild May 6, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    The Tale of "Stevie Wonder" and the "Magic Eraser".

    Once up on a time, there was a CEO by the name of "Stevie Wonder". He had always been interested in magic, and on some occasions seemed to indeed possess strong magical powers. On day while he was walking around a mountain of stone, he looked down and say a small rectangular object. He put the object in his pocket and went back to his office. He was working away when his mind flashed back to the rectangular object he had picked up earlier. He went and got it and put it down on a sheet of paper. To his amazement, it erased everything on the paper. He tried erasing other things too, and found that the object was indeed a "Magic Eraser". Stevie Wonder was quite taken by the eraser and his newly found and extraordinary magical powers. He thought about this eraser for a while, when he had an inspirational idea. He decided to see if this eraser would magically eraser electronic data. To his amazement it did! Then Stevie Wonder had an idea. Hum he thought, I wonder if the eraser would eraser CRY's rather sordid historical stock price chart. He went to Yahoo Finance and to his amazement he was able to eraser the stock chart history from February 26, 1993 through September 29, 2011, but then suddenly the eraser stopped erasing. Try as he would, he quickly discovered that the magic eraser had lost all of its magical powers. To be sure it was no longer working, Stevie Wonder decided to give it one last try on the Google Finance website. But to his sadness, he found that the Google stock chart still showed CRY's stock price history all the way back to February 26,1993. To this day, Stevie Wonder is happy about having erased 18 years of price history from Yahoo Finance, but he is saddened when he thinks about the lost powers of the "magic eraser" and that Google Finance still shows CRY's entire stock price history.

    Since you need to do your own due diligence, it is up to you if you wish to believe in fairy tales.

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