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  • dlhild Oct 7, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    Q3 2013 Estimated Sales & EPS:

    Cardiac Tissue: $ 6,988,000
    Vascular Tissue: $ 8,710,000
    Revascular Technology $ 2,340,000
    HeRO Graft: $ 1,850,000
    BioGlue: $ 14,300,000
    PerClot: $ 1,000,000
    ValveXchange $ 0
    Other Products: $ 12,000

    Total Q3 Sales ~ $35,200,000

    Estimate Q3 EPS ~ $0.07/share

    Everything more or less in line with what one would expect.

    Since SA is on a par with great Broadway actors, expect a 'good show' during the next conference call. Remember though, it is a 'show' and may, or may not, represent 'reality'.

    I expect SA to hype the 'rate of increase' in international sales growth for low volume products such as PerClot and perhaps for BioGlue as well. If you can't grow in the big US market, you have to pretend the fragmented international markets are important.

    I expect SA to hype HeRO Graft as well. Personally I like this product line, BUT remember that at the end of the day this is a small market; but, perhaps a material market for CRY at some level. There is some value here though.

    BioGlue: This is CRY's most important product line. I'm expecting slow but meaningful growth. This is a very profitable product line, so is vital to CRY's future valuation. Perhaps 80%, or more, of CRY's present valuation is directly related to this product line (IMO anyway).

    Just estimates on my part, so who knows how accurate they will prove to be.

    Do your own due diligence, because these are just my best guesses.

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