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  • dlhild Nov 6, 2013 1:27 PM Flag

    sjsrhs was right...

    Burris, Lee, and Elkins just sold stock at $9. Does this tell shareholders anything?

    CRY is getting some level of market correlation. With the Fed's ZIRP, capital markets are being massively distorted. This may last a long time, but ultimately adjusts to reality. So, right now we have bubbles in equities, bonds, and farm land to mention three. All bubbles are in search of a pin, and then reality sets in and prices reset.

    Presently real global GDP growth is slowing. Companies generally are having slow revenue growth, flat margins, have already cut expenses (globalization & jobs) to the bone. Probably by next year, expect earnings growth to slow (perhaps even be flat or down). This would translate into a flat "E" along with a lower "P/E", which when put together will translate into lower valuations generally. When this tide goes out almost all equity prices will fall. Note as well that companies are borrowing to buy back shares, but are not investing in net new plant and equipment (because of uncertainty).

    Last, but not least, SA has had 20 plus years to deliver shareholder value, and so far has a pretty sordid track record. I suggest you go to Goggle and get CRY's "all years" chart showing CRY's stock price back to 1993. Had SA not gone off on a ego trip and tried unsuccessfully to take over Medafor, CRY's EPS would have likely been in the $0.55 to $0.60 vicinity right now.

    On one level, CRY's windfall from the sale of Medafor stock was a plus. But remember a stock sale is an event, not an annuity. So unless CRY's PerClot product can be sold at large scale into the US market, SA will have lost the US annuity game. I'm betting CRY's US PerClot sales are not likely to be significant for a long time. Also, it is more likely than not IMO that PerClot may have been developed by former Medafor employees, making it quite likely that BCR's patent was violated. Time will tell.

    Do your own due diligence.

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