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  • StkMaven StkMaven Aug 15, 1999 10:10 AM Flag

    Atlanta Journal- Constitution today...

    contains a nearly full page article about CRY on
    the Science Watch page of the Sunday Reader section.
    Main focus is on SynerGraft but also covers BioGlue
    and the core business, freezing and preserving
    tissue. Here's one quote. "Within days,CryoLofe's newest
    product, SynerGraft--a pig's heart valve stripped of its
    cells and reseeded with human cells --will be implanted
    in a human patient in Australia. If it takes, it
    will be the first time a human has has been
    successfully treated with a heart valve partially grown in the
    lab. If successful, the company might have discovered
    a Holy Grail of medicine--a way to provide millions
    of parts for patients without needing human donors.
    No longer would patients have to depend on the gift
    of strangers or use metal or plastic parts. "This
    would change everything," Young said. "It would start a
    revolution...that would affect literally millions of

    Unfortunately the article is not on the AJC web site that I
    could see, but it may be worth your while to read it at
    your library, or pick up a copy at a major book store
    which carries out of town newspapers.

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    • how correct you are. but hindsight is 20/20. at
      the time the company had completed a secondary. for
      any developing hi-tech this is great more money for
      r&d, product dist. etc. guess what? use of proceeds
      where shortly announced to be used as insider options
      and incentives!!!! thats when all the analysts did a
      downgrade and us suckers were stuck in the middle. that is
      when i lost total faith. would not trust or touch this
      stock ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I dont think its a dog, but I never would have bought at 17.

    • bad advise, sell the dogs and move on. i bought
      this puppy at 17 and sold relucantly at 13. this has
      been over a year & half ago. my money went to dclk @70
      cmgi @ 69 dell @ 36 & aol @ 80. You do the math, I
      only buy in 1k lots or larger. why keep the dogs, do
      not try to fight the tide BUBBA, face the

    • of their facility because they think the business
      is going to grow. A doubled staff very likely
      translates into much more than doubling of revenue. Granted
      that this will occur over the next few years but
      construction of the facility starts in January. Seems to me
      that this is bullish for the long term investor.

    • Mr. Retiree- just answer this guy's questions once and for all. I think he/she may be right.

    • If you need the money sell now and either break
      even or walk away with a little money in your pocket.
      Dont panic. If Bioglue is turned down now, the stock
      may drop a bit, but it will eventually go up again.
      The future for this company is very positive. Hang in
      there, or dont. Do whatever option causes you less
      stress,and whichever option will be less painful for your
      financial outlook. Going broke hurts a lot more than
      getting rich feels good. If you can hang on just
      remember, you only lose money on undervalued stocks if you
      sell them.

    • See post # 576, by Cryolife. If that`s not good enough, I guess you should sell.

    • What are the differences between the bioglue
      patch and bioglue products? There aren't any that I
      know of. "Patch" is a descriptor for regulatory
      purposes that has been used by other companies. Please
      correct me if I'm wrong. If the FDA asked them to
      withdraw, isn't that a refusal? If it's not a 510K, it has
      to be a PMA (an IDE application is part of the PMA
      process) which is definitely a multi year process. No more
      spin!! You want the truth...You can't handle the truth!!

    • You stated that CRY's " 510k application was
      refused by the FDA" and that "Bioglue will apparently be
      evaluated as a PMA." That is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE and I have
      verified the information with, not only CRY, but the FDA.
      First CRY never had a 510k application with the FDA for
      Bioglue. They did have a 510k application for the use of
      the Bioglue patch for use in pulmonary applications.
      The 510k was not refused, as you indicated, the truth
      is that the FDA asked them to withdraw the
      application and include it as part of their IDE application
      for the use of Bioglue in pulmonary applications
      which, very frankly, makes sense and that process is not
      a multi-year process as you indicated.

    • 510k application was refused by the FDA. Bioglue will apparently be evaluated as a PMA. This is a multi year process for other companies. Wake up and smell the glue!

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