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    • Guys, I know each every one of founders of CBRL.
      Evans hasn't got a clue as to how to right this

      CBRL's may be packed, but food delivery time far exceeds
      industry accepted standards. There are not enough 'turns'
      during the course of a day to support the expenses
      associated with a CBRL physical plant. If the average time
      to serve a customer is three times what it should be
      (in the door/out the door), then its pretty easy to
      understand the long queues.

      That's not how you make
      money. I would much rather fill that seat with three
      different butts in the service time currently allocated for
      just one customer.

      Even if you cut service time
      to 1.5 of what it is now, your gross receipts should
      be up 200%. Assuming an appropriate improvement in
      server and kitchen efficiencies, you will be putting
      more profit on the bottom line. A side benefit of this
      , and by the way it cost you nothing, is the
      customer is a lot happier.

      • 3 Replies to knigell
      • I have eaten at a dozen Cracker Barrel
        restaurants in the past two years - Albany, Dallas, Tenn, OK,
        Co ... and I have never been disatisfied with either
        the service or the food. And I am not easy to please.
        That is why I bought the stock.

        Personally, I
        think that CBRL needs to do more advertising to better
        fill the restaurants. There are only two ways to make
        more money in ANY business. 1. Get the current
        customers to spend more. 2. Find new customers. CRBL should
        focus on both. For the current customers, I would have
        more food to go so that those that stop for breakfast
        could also pick up a box lunch or snack for the car. I
        would also do a good review of the stuff in the front
        of the store. To me, it appears that they could put
        a lot more stuff that would sell like books and
        magazines in place of relish and sasparrilla. Also, I think
        they shoul open a web site to allow people who think
        the old timey stuff they sell is neat, to order it
        from home for gifts etc.

        And, as far as new
        customers, CRBL should work with Ryder, Uhaul, and Budget
        and give any truck rentor a free cuppa Joe for stopen
        at CRBL. I own stock in Uhaul (it is actually
        Amerco) so I can tell you that they alone facilitate 11
        million moves a year. They also need to advertise on
        radio stations (so people in cars hear it) for those
        restaurants that have soft business.

        Remember the
        problem here is revenues, not quality of service. Cracker
        Barrel wins awards for the quality of its restaurants
        every year.


        b d:>)

      • Since you know all the founders of CBRl I was
        wondering what Dan Evins thinks of this evans guy you
        mention that is running a ship for him?
        I don't know
        all of them I guess and Don't know this Evans guy you
        speak of at all. Perhaps with your knowlegde of the
        founders of cracker Barrel you could enlighten this board
        with what this Evans does there.

      • I don't know the founders of CBRL even though I
        live in the area of the home office too. What I do
        know is, once I am seated at a table ready to be
        served, if you want to offend me, try rushing me out of
        my seat. Nothing.........and I do mean NOTHING....
        makes me any angrier with a resturant or
        After waiting to be seated, the last thing I want is
        someone trying to make me gulp my meal down or main line
        it into my stomach. Get real.............are u short
        this stock. If so, I have no problem with that, but
        let's be realistic and accurate in teh things u are

    • Good point. I had a GTC limit order to buy more
      at 15. Decided to cancel it Monday 26th. Maybee if
      earnings crash I can buy it later around 10 or 12 lots
      more for same money!!! Also looks like better bargains
      out there. Think I'll buy more DCHT @ .6875

      Hey Good Chicken! stick a few bucks in this one and
      forget it for two years! CBRL will take 2 years to turn

    • I sure hope Dan W. Evins and the rest of the
      screw ups don't declare their selves large bonuses of
      the investors money this year, like they done last
      Names Salaries Bonuses
      Dan W. Evins $385,000.00
      Ronald N. Maguder $350,000.00
      Michael A. Woodhouse $231,000.00 $257,601.00
      D. Adkins $185,000.00 $154,728.00
      Richard G.
      Parsons $175,000.00 $146,364.00
      How could you guys
      take this kind of compensation with a straight face. I
      sure don't know how you could face your shareholders
      at the stockerholders meeting this year, by takeing
      this kind of money out of the company.They have had
      continued confidence in your leadership for years, and to
      do no beter job in running the company than you have
      the past few years, and to take that kind of a
      compensation. I would surely be ashamed of my self if I were
      you guys. When you read this, and if you don't feel
      guilty you have no feeling at all for us investors.

      The Good Chicken said that.

    • Do you have any knowledge as to who owns the % of
      common stock in this company? That is institutional
      ownership, and insider holdings vs. the remaining % held by
      individual outsiders?

      Thanks in advance,

    • I have not been in Bob Evans store teritory in
      several years but always stop in at every chance. Does
      Bob Evans display and merchandise as much dry goods
      as CB?. I ask that because it dawned on me that
      while a lot of raw food items might be purchased
      locally, that hauling all those non food things around
      like dolls and rocking chairs for instance must get
      expensive in those refrigerated trucks. They take up lots
      of space if you ever had to haul one. Seems that
      CBRL still serves good food, at least where I have
      been and the dislike I hope may, just be in some the
      local tast buds. Someone suggested enlarging the dry
      goods store areas a while back, which seemed at first
      not a bad idea. But I sort of thought that CBRL is
      (or was)first primarilly about eating and food, not
      selling dolls and rocking chairs. After all, waiting to
      eat has sort of been a tradition around good food
      places, think about it. CBRLs are really spread out over
      a large territory. Running those trucks up full and
      back empty must be an expensive wast. It is sort of
      like the story I heard about the guy painting the
      stripe in the road. Instead of buying several one gallon
      cans of paint and spacing them along the way for
      future use, he bought one big barrell of paint, and then
      ran back and forth to the point of not having any
      time or energy to paint anymore. Is CBRL doing
      How about a mid point storage warehouse area for all
      those rocking chairs and other non perishables. Or, you
      could hire a "local Joe" and his fleet of flat bed hay
      trucks to haul all those chairs. Or,Any chance of using
      drop shipments, direct from the supplier to the sub
      distribution points. I know of a truck space broker who
      arranges loads in order to prevent dry runs.

    • From your postings, it sounds like you are an
      expert's expert in the restaurant industry, and very
      familiar CBRL management and CBRL's operations. (What was
      the source of the restaurant comparison statistics
      that you allege to be true?) Have you considered
      hiring yourself out to CBRL (for monetary compensation)
      to inform them of s-p-e-c-i-f-i-c-s of how to
      improve its operations and profits? Have you consider any
      formal shareholder proposals, e.g. naming yourself and
      other like-minded persons as directors? Have you
      considered any affirmative positive act to improve CBRL? If
      so, what?

      It is my humble understanding that
      one, e.g. a director of CBRL, may engage in legal acts
      to lower income taxes. Some persons set up foreign
      trusts. Some even take valid deductions for medical
      expenses. Are we supposed to become disgusted that a recent
      Mexican citizen (per your comments) is allegedly a
      Director of CBRL? (Was there some racism hidden in the

      If one only considers your comments as to
      the ability of CBRL management, one would have to
      wonder how CBRL ever expanded to its second

      It appears that you have a short position in CBRL
      stock and desire additional profits by making
      undocumentable negative comments. Otherwise, what is your
      incentive to waste your time on this board?

    • The site ( may be the only
      way to get to the insiders. I sent them a message
      last night on it. They may not be reading the messages
      on the Yahoo Finance board. If the stockholders have
      a concern about their holdings in Cracker Barrel,
      they should contact them that way. They have their own
      "guest book" to click on, they should get our messages
      on that, unless they close it down also, so we can't
      get to them that way. If they do the only way to get
      to them is to file a minority stockholders law
      suite. There has to be something done to get these guys
      doing a better job for us. I told them about a manager
      up at out local Ryan's steak house that I was
      talking to. He told me that while he was in training
      three months for Ryan's steak house, there were six
      Cracker Barrel ex-managers in training there. He said the
      ex-managers all told him and others that Cracker Barrel
      treats their managers like dirt. I told the people at
      Cracker Barrel on their guest book last night, as a
      stockholder that was very hard for me to swallow. We
      stockholders are just going to have to do something about this
      stock, and why it keeps drifting lower and lower.
      Good Chicken

    • I just posted the following

      As a shareholder, I am deeply concerned about the
      losses that I have incurred in the stock's value. I
      sincerely hope management is not rewarding itself for lack
      of performance and am very curious as to what steps
      are being taken to address shareholder value. It was
      once relayed to me that management and employees are
      in place for the sole benefit of the shareholders in
      a company and should constantly be striving to do
      whatever is necessary to enhance shareholder value. Is
      CrackerBarrel committed to this concept? I welcome and expect
      some sort of official response to my concerns. Thank


    • If you do, then you know that Evins is a senile
      old fart who couldn't find his ass with both hands
      and a flashlight. Ever heard the phrase "He's a
      legend in his own mind."?

      You just watch what
      happens to Woodhouse.

    • I remember Shoneys in the southern US and made a
      little $ on them years ago. But instead of plowing
      earnings into expansion and rsearch etc, I think they paid
      almost all of it out to the stockholders(YEA FOR ME AT
      THE TIME) but then stagnated and are on life support
      at present. I remember when I had to stand in line
      to eat there. Almost like CBRL , some Olive Gardens,
      Speg Factorys, and of all things, Waffle Houses,
      today. Yesterday I saw a full lot (as usual)at CBRL and
      also at the Local "mom & Pop" across the street,
      compared to an almost empty Shoney s (plus other
      competitors) lot one block away. IT MUST BE THE FOOD!?!?!?.
      Proves or indicates sort of that good(and in current
      style) may rule over slow sometimes. Same with the P
      lots at Walmart compared to K marts etc. Some got it,
      some had it, some are still looking for it. CBRL stock
      may be like the food, a little slow at times but
      presently good. Yes, waiting is a choice. The nessessity of
      eating out for me becomes a twisted sort of
      entertainment. I have a choice. I can fill up quickly on a
      compromise, and end up stil craving, or wait in line
      somewhere in order to get that "must take a nap under tree"
      satisfaction. On second thought, those rocking chairs, even
      though they get in the way sometimes, may indirectly
      contribute more that the cost of handling them.

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