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  • slarye slarye Jan 16, 2009 12:10 PM Flag

    Please stop taunting.

    The practice of taunting people who have just watched the final curtain fall on The Dream lacks class. Please refrain from this self congratulatory behavior, or at least do it offline. This is not a time for "I told you so" even if you did "tell them so." What good can come from such nonsense?

    If the misfortune of others causes you this much pleasure, then there are by far bigger issues for you to consider. You may want to begin this process immediately.

    The liquidation is quite unfortunate and I wish The Longs good luck and big profits in your next trade. This experience will make you better at this in the future if you will not dwell on the second guessing but remember every decision you made and why you made it.

    As for those who lost money today, do not blame short sellers, bashers, Salinas, or anyone else for the loss. Blame nobody, get past that right now and start committing as much of what happend to memory for future use. Remember not only what you were thinking when you made your decisions but also what you were FEELING when you made them. Understanding the relationship between your thoughts and feelings with regard to your trading behavior is as important as being able to read a 10-Q or a chart. Feelings can cause irrational distortions to your thoughts, and being aware of how you are personaly affected by this will be quite beneficial to future decision making.

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