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  • riterifff28 riterifff28 Feb 10, 2012 4:34 PM Flag

    If you are long YOU ARE WRONG

    Just a hint of advice that this company is nothing but a engineered financial fraud!

    get used to it cause this stock will be trading below 20 in 6 months!


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    • that means your long from 35 when it hit there already..big deal your making the same money twice

    • I have been long for 15 years now and have not been wrong and I don't think I am wrong now. This company has been a good company and it still is.

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      • Nice paula:) I'm trying to remember when it was but this was one of the first stocks I owned way back when, sometime mid 90s. I wound up putting those shares into car repairs or something along the lines. That car probably cost me 10s of thousands more than I thought at the time...

      • The key is to not fall in Love with a stock when the fundementals have changed.Sure,when the stock was trading at a market cap under a billion the stock made sense given the engineered growth the frauds at the helm of this company were about to launch however the company is now trading at a 9 billion dollar cap with loads of debt and no free cash flow to speak of!

        One has to wonder why there is no free cash flow in this company and you really have to question the intangibles on the balance sheet.The inventories of Kcups went up during the busiest season for the company all the while they blew away sales numbers.Something is definitely not insync here.

        Longs really need to learn how to read a balance sheet because this stock is no longer a momentum player and the company is simply a fraud like diamond in the wings!

        Play at your own risk,,,,The sharks are circling and the swimmers are bleeding!!!!!!

      • Paula so often when I read a post of yours like this , I take a look to see who you are responding to
        It always says IGNORE-lol

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