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  • thor1294 thor1294 Jun 2, 2012 4:55 AM Flag

    Is GMCR going bankrupt?

    No, there not going to go bankrupt. GMCR is in a good nitch. Yes, it will take a while to dig out of this hole. Think back when SBUX was at the $50 dollar range and they dropped down to around $16, now look where there at. Whether they can maintain this pace is unknown under present market conition. A good barometer I use is MCD. I can remember when they were $12 a share back in 2001 and over the years the market has had some real bad times these guys have kept pretty steady. Now even there getting pounded. A few months back an analylsis mentioned they should be valued around the $73 range. I guess my point is that MCD, AAPL, CMG and lot of others are way over valued, I personally can't see how they can maintain there pace without a hugh correction. Once that correction starts it takes everybody with them like GMCR.
    At the moment it's a bear's market and shortie would have you believe this company is about to be plowed under. Not so. GMCR has spent a great deal of money to improve there distribution performance, I wouldn't worrie to much about there patent problems, there's a lot of strings attached that allows them to maintain control till 2017, Just can't see where GMCR would leave themselves bare like that.

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