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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Oct 11, 2012 9:12 PM Flag

    13f Filings: What are the big boys doing?

    As contrasted with einhorn "einhorning" himself on a circus tent pole, 22 of the 24 largest holders (incl the likes of Fidelity, Wellington, Renaisance, Goldman and two doen other notables) either initiated or added to their positions during the quarter. einhorn and all the gimpy retail shorts here are going to be smoked over the next 21 days...

    Get ready for the run up on earnings and re-upped guidance.

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    • what'd I suggest? Some of you short gumps ought to realize what is happening here is that retail/unhedged shorts are being pooched.

      See you at $40 when obama stops playing carnival boss and thinking he can "reach across the aisle with the back of his hand and tell everyone what to do if they want him to say they are being "bipartisan". LOL

      but it was 22 of the 26 largest, not 24 largest... including us trying to tell you unhedged short gumps the story was turning around for the long run higher now. LOL

    • Kind of a moot point as most shorts are still sitting on massive gains from this Titanic.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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        A huge proportion of the reported short interest represents offset hedges against net longs. Likely more than 75% of the short interest flows from the first 30 holders (net longs) of the stock. There back office/contract administrators will be pairing off those positions today and this week as the downside hedge is not indicated after last night's update.

        As for the unhedged shorts? Read the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner. LOL

        If you understood half of that, congratulations, now you less than entirely clueless.

    • goldenseth Oct 12, 2012 7:57 AM Flag

      Do you know if they loan these shares out to short? I know for a fact Fidelity does, but not sure about the others.

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      • It is rare for mutual funds to restrict rehypothecation in my experience. Hedge funds, when they get ready to crush an outsized or unsustainable short crowd, will often employ whatever tactics they can do twist, grind, and shear off the gnads of #$%$ like einhorn...

        As we have suggested, einhorn made a brilliant call shorting this last year above $100 -- the stock was well ahead of itself. But GMCRs progress since along with what is now a massively oversold valuation is such that einhorn's ego and comments reveal he was more at lucky than good last year. His recent comments suggesting "nothing has changed" about his downside view make the point vividly as our "not as smart as he thinks" post details.

        The big money will wait to see documented progress on revenue growth, earnings, cash flow and guidance... and land with both feet (and lawn piercing spikes) on the shorts heads. As you can see in the options depth, there is no where near enough out there to hedge the big short interest... but I would not be surprised to see professionals who have been short quietly getting to net long here... ready to join the short crushing slam higher when earnings and refreshed guidance and outlook are shared in less than 20 days from now.

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