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  • ferrariclark ferrariclark Nov 24, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    Buy is Coming from Coke. $75 price

    They let top ex get away for one reason- take over coming and have their guy in place
    Look for $75 take out
    You heard it first!!!

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    • GMCR's rev's are mainly generated from USA & Canada. Potential buyers perhaps were waiting on the sidelines to see all the negativivity play out.
      Now they definately know the shorts arguements do not hold water except perhaps the SEC inquiry.
      This company has real sales and real products espouced by other famous world renowned brands including both Kraft & SBUX.
      Coke is in the business of beverages with access to worldwide markets and if GMCR fits the bill than they can easily turn a $6-7B company into a $50-60B company with revs of not $4B but $15B. This company would be a CASH COW for any bidder with an international presence.
      So even $65 would be cheap.
      As a further remainder this company sells brewers only in N Americas, and 1 million brewers sales equates to $100 M in sales revenues from K-Cup and GP of 40M and some duds like Gburg &Ehorn still think sales of 9M brewers is still classifed as slowing growth. This company will keep on growing even if it only finds 1M new customers let alone 8-9M.
      Also remember growth in K-Cups sales is accretive and does not iincrease SOGA expense prorata, thus contributing more to the bottom line as we saw in the last quarter

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      • 1 Reply to sam4match
      • You guys are just dreaming...

        I don't believe KO is interested in any way shape or form.
        SJM would be a more likely suitor (40% of their biz is coffee.)

        There's really no need to pump GMCR on takeover spec.
        They're going higher based on organic growth!

        Just wait for the Feb earnings report (more stellar growth from Xmas promos...)

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    • Would be great if it happens this week!

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    • Sure. And google is going to buy yahoo.

      Executives often jump ship from a big company when it looks like they are not going to advance any further. It's a lot more believable than the dairy tale that KO is putting an exec in place to sell the company to them. .

    • I think $75 is a bit lofty. $62 seems to be a given but not $75.

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