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  • netttrunner netttrunner Jan 2, 2013 4:25 PM Flag

    u longs are really feeling your oats.......k cups sold out, starbucks machine sucks etc........

    Just an fyi. I am NOT a GMCR short. I have traded it on short side twice (42 to 38) & 42 to 39). I just shorted into the open. Gmcr is a broken model, k cup sales are GUARANTEED to slow with patent expiration. Machine sales Guaranteed to slow given multiple competitors entering mkt. Just a trade either way short term.......long term gmcr is a broken growth story. P.S..the coffee is too weak. The french roast is like drinking water. If u want a winner with an installed SODA. they make $$$ with each machine sold & get paid on refills & co2.

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    • LOL Every part of that is wrong.
      Quick now -- how much does it cost to make your own liter of 3rd rate soda water? Show us your work, and be sure to include the cost of sweetened/colored syrup per container used per liter, the cost of gas per liter, the amortization of the dispenser cost, and some reasonable approach to quantify what it is worth to your wife if she didn;t have to take the dirty/empty gas cannister back to get a new one every 60 or so liters.

      It's like this: the products taste like cheeseball private label sodas and that is being kind. You'll also quickly learn that you can buy the top tier national brands for about the same money as making your own lousy soda, and that is before factoring in what your wife's time and sticky hands is worth. LOL

      Effin riot to see you gumptards say GMCR is a short when your comments make it obvious you haven;t ever even tried the GMCR blends, funnier still is that you dolts suggests SODA is a great stock when SODA is the best short on the street right now. ROFLOL

      Now show us your work dude!

    • The coffees weak??? the coffees weak???.....YOUR WEAK!!!! put the coffee down!!!!! coffee is for CLOSERS ONLY!!!!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • You keep saying that if it makes you feel better. If Q1 is a blowout quarter, we will know that patent experation is not having an affect on sales. Competion?? Have not seen or heard anything about other brewer being better. Heck I have not heard anything good about other one cuppers. There are other k-cup with a much richer brew, that does not taste burnt. K-cups are here for many years down the road.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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