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  • squeezetracker squeezetracker Feb 8, 2013 1:48 PM Flag


    Brought to you by the guys who said Einhorn had it all wrong, on every point of his thesis when the stock was dropping and sub $20.

    The same guys who wrote , right here in early November, they thought $40 was a good PT by year end, and that $50 was a good (if conservative) PT for 2013.

    Yup, it's us! And we were absolutely correct on all of that.

    Our new PT for 2013 is $60, and we think that will prove to be very conservative, especially now that Kelley is seated and we have the updates from this week.

    Prepare for run higher to resume imminently in the scheme of things.

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    • What a joyful past three days.

    • Make it 129, what the hell

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • $129? That would be idiotic thinking so we wouldn't think that. There is no fundamental, quantitative or technical analysis framework to support your $129 within the next 10 months. Kinda like that S head "Mr Down it goes" $40 no $27 no make that $22. LOL

        See the difference between your "I have no F idea what I'm talking about" attempt to dis me and our comprehensive, multi-discipline analytical framework for establishing valuation targets? That's why you unhedged short gumps have been buried since $20 while we have more than doubled since November (before considering premia from OTM call writes and net short puts.

        Now? it is more of an investment than an aggressive trade. We already hit our $50 PT for 2013... which is why we raised it to $60 by EOY. Adrenaline again? likely not barring a sale of the company near term... but a nice steady grind (get it?) higher will be just fine for this allocation. We may even write the unhedged short gumps some more puts next week. LOL

    • In case some of the longs missed my updated "research report." By the way, did you guys see the NYT piece in the bus section about the analyst herds? LOL.

      Chack that out and then recall our calling out Davey and his einhirning call here last November with the stock ~$20. Guess we make the grade friends. So does the update above. LOL

    • LOL...

      If the shares close above $45, Einhorn and or whomever else had the sale algo on trying to shove and hold it down below $45 will be underwater on those shares and will eat S to the extent the shares underlying the ITM call options they wrote/put options they bought get swamped on a close above $45 as the options settle out.

      As we have suggested, it will take a couple of days for the dust to settle, but this is a nice little story for 2013 on top of the EOY glory for longs last year.

      We'll continue buying all they will sell us at a parade discount today. LOL

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