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  • gautamsabharwal gautamsabharwal Nov 26, 2013 9:58 AM Flag

    Sell Off

    2 M shares are sold in 30 mnts..what the hec...., Looks like Institutional investor (Long) is selling. Hard to believe that there are new shorts. whats your take?

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    • definitely sell algos looking to be timed with the otr "news" that 2.0 is going to be received about like a bag of S buring on the front step on halloween.

      The surprising thing is that the cheerleaders seem to be playing ostrich with the "cheap shares"... our buyside trader expected this impact to last about 15 minutes, but seems to have lots of good buzzkill dragging in behind it. LOL

      Interesting to see how easy it was to shake the tree here, but there are lots of newbies who think all is well... still, we expect at least one bounce a few points higher for a few days before any more rough news on revenue or margin compression or more serious selldown. Where's all the gleeful longs taking this back up into OTR's "global survey" comments?

    • Well it's Thanks giving week. It's easy to push the price around one way or the other with a lot of people on vacation. Plus the program trades kick in when the price fluctuates like this. I think that On monday and tuesday we'll see a move back up to 70 and it will move up from there with the dividend coming soon. Lots of shorts will cover rather than pay the .25 cents per share.

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