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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Aug 9, 2002 12:02 PM Flag

    Hedge Funds..

    <<Is it legal for hedge funds to pay people to bash stocks all day >>

    Show me one single solitary piece of evidence that hedge funds pay bashers. This " paid basher" phenomenon is hysterical. I am sure then that there are paid hypsters. Where can I sign up for that ? I am still waiting in line to sign up. I am eager for you to show me the correct link to sign up. If I can bash, I will give up sharpening saw blades for extra cash.


    My friend swears that he saw an ad in a newspaper for 'Experienced Stock Basher' positions. The pay was decent and benefits were great, instead of giving "Stock options" they give "Put Options".

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    • Yea, I saw the same ad in the Seattle papers. The money and benefits were great. The ad specified that applicants have low self esteem and no life with a lot of suppressed anger at the world. High consideration would be given to miserable ass holes. So I wasn't qualified.