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  • smart_investor67 smart_investor67 Jul 19, 2003 11:10 AM Flag

    It's the Economy Stupid (latest data)

    According to the shorts the whole world was going to end this year. Remember how they were predicting every disaster scenario from the collapse of the US to collapse of the world, inflation, deflation, nuclear war, comets hitting the earth, end of our solar system etc, none of which took place. These guys either are so dumb or they make money by deceiving and scaring people.

    In the meantime, look what I found: Those who have ben singling out SEBL CEO for exercising options, why don't you say anything about ORCL and yahoo CEOs? So, SEBL is no different than any other US Company.

    Hurts, huh?
    (copyright SLC)

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    • Be careful. You're scaring the shorts because Yahoo only managed to turn profitable in recent history, has a much lower run rate than Siebel (even now) and has a market cap of $18 billion versus Siebel's $4-5 billion.

      It shows how people can go crazy again and how SEBL could defy all logic and trade North of $30 (which even I'm not looking for).

      All I know for sure is it's worth alot more than $8.