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  • bernysuckz bernysuckz Nov 8, 2003 10:06 AM Flag

    LOL ! ATT&T wiresless (AWE)

    AT$T is a dying company, in my opinion. Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile is all you hear these days. I didn't even know AT & T had cell phone service. Even fine products such as Siebel's couldn't save that company. Bottom line: Did AT & T themselves blame anything on Siebel? NOPE. Are analysts very often wrong and are they very often quick to make up rumors in order to scare folks out of their positions ? YEP.

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    • ATT Wireless clearly has their head up their ass allowing this system to go live when it wasn't ready for prime time.

      SEBL however is the suppose to be the FedEx in the CRM/SFA space. Their services group should have the processes in place to make sure they weren't down more than 15 minutes at the cutover.

      My point is - both companies are at fault here. As of today (Saturday) Southern California still can not add a new GSM phone on the AT&T network. It's been a week. If you talk to the people in the AT&T Wireless store they tell you "Our new Sieble System is not working". They are beat-up and pissed.

      I think we can all agree on one point, Siebel reputation is not good. AT&T isn't the first and won't be the last because Siebel isn't about quality, isn't about managing the defect list, isn't about doing what is right for the customer at all cost.

    • Call their customer service center. ask the reps themselves what the problem is...and they will tell you Siebel.