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  • paradigmwizard paradigmwizard Feb 12, 2008 8:19 PM Flag

    The whole story on ADMD.

    I've been involved as a shareholder in ADMD since the beginning and the company just keeps doing things right. They are genuinely building a viable ISOTOPE business model.

    There are other companies out in the global market place, but I believe ADMD will be on everyone's radar screen sooner than later. Anything under a $2 on this stock is a buy!

    Received this information from a colleague who is also following the stock:

    ADMD is now much further along in its business plan and this month they will have two facilities online for the production of medical isotopes. I think there will be a total of 4 facilities online by late in Q1 according to the letter from the Chairman a few days ago. In Q2, 2008 that number could grow to at least 5-6 locations. Management is busting their humps to speed along the process and they are doing a great job for shareholders. In fact two members of the management have been stuck in a blizzard for a couple of days working on production deals. In a few more months the company will have a more expanded portfolio of facilities, production agreements and marketing agreements and the start of a real presence in China. The company is getting a lot more coverage in the medical media and should now start in the financial media.

    There is a lot going on and with the addition of Jesse Jackson into the mix, things could get very interesting. The Reverend Jackson is involved in a program to bring medical isotope technology to treating HIV/AIDS and he is also close advisor to the Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Obama. You can bet that Isotopes will be a much wider talked about subject by the time we see a new President in the U.S.A. We will continue to see a string of news releases in regard to the new linear accelerator and new lines of business coming on line. I think we will see a very fast move up on this stock as the volume comes into ADMD.

    We probably have just a few more days to get positioned in this stock. There are a lot of factors coming together at the same time for ADMD and it should see much higher prices. When further news comes out about the company's plans for China and Taiwan, this stock could become a China play.


    I have a comparison for you with another isotope company. International Isotopes (INIS:OTCBB) $0.94 with 250 million shares outstanding. The company has $4.42 million in revenues and lost $1 million in the last 12 months. It book value is $0.01 and a market cap of over $245 million. ADMD has 23.23 million shares outstanding, will be cash flow positive in Q2 and should have earnings for 2008. It has a market cap of around $16 million. I think ADMD is a much better value with a lot of deals in the works and a very bright future.

    Please note: To conduct your own DD Advanced Medical Isoptopes operates a website at or

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    • I think the only answer to that is through investor relations. I didn't have any luck last week. Let me know how you do. I can't wait for some numbers in months to come. We might have to wait for sales.

    • Anyone know how the sales of these isotopes are priced..?how much of it is ordered at one time?..What are the types most in use?...these are questions I'd like to hear answers to.

    • Amen.

    • I have sat around all day and days on that bid number. It is all good. I can't wait to visit the headquarters when that snow melts and the Kennewick Country Club is golfable again. Talk on more news....hopefully soon.

    • Good to hear. NITE just keeps hanging around there on the offer. Eventually that clown will be bought out of the way.

      I spoke with a couple of other colleagues who added to their current positions as well. Won't take much volume to drive this thing long as people are willing to buy on the offer. I know I have sat there somedays on the bid and never got filled. The stock is TIGHTLY HELD. I believe most of the current shareholders are LONG on this deal.

      All we can do is give them our support to build an exciting and profitable company.

    • I got that buy price I was looking for today. There sure is some resistance at $.80!

    • It is my understanding that ADMD has at least one year's production of those machines under commitment. They may tie it up for an even longer time.

      You have to remember these machines are not Fords coming off the assembly line.

    • This is great direction for me to do more homework. I am curious where to go on this companies current financials. I see they do not have a statistics page on Yahoo. Have you looked into this area? Debt, Revenues, expenses, you know all that sort of stuff? Thanks for the direction on more information.

      • 1 Reply to sensiseattle
      • Hey no problem. This is what I know. They are in the middle of an intense audit to get upgraded from their PINK SHEET status and become a fully reporting OTCBB company, with an eye to the future to become listed on the AMEX.

        Revenues I believe are just starting to come in this quarter as up until now they have been in the planning stages. They have gone from a start-up company to a producing company. THEY ARE IN BUSINESS.

        From the rumour mill I have been hearing lots of big names that are very interested in doing business with ADMD and I believe it will only be short time before this company hits the big time... or perhaps even bought out at a large premium to where it is now.

        I have often heard that almost 80% of all the stock out on this company is in the hands of insiders. Doesn't leave alot out in the market for you and I, but does make it nice for potential price appreciation. Once any major buying begins on this stock the share prce will soar quickly.

        Nice to see someone else interested in this company as much as I am. Hope this info helps.

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