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  • paradigmwizard paradigmwizard Dec 1, 2008 1:42 PM Flag

    Takeover talk...?

    Good morning all.

    Had my ear to the pavement this past week and I've been hearing rumors of a joint venture possibly even a negotiated takeover of Advanced Medical Isotope Systems (ADMD), by a senior exchange listed company.

    This could be an excellent move for ADMD, to ensure that they have the capital to follow through on their ambitious business model for the Isotope industry.

    I guess as long as we get the right price for our shares is all that matters.

    Not sure if any of you other followers can add to this?

    Regardless...I'm buying up what I can afford to at these prices. I'm hearing that the takeover price is well above $1?

    Looking at the market depth this morning there is only 15K showing between .51 and $1.

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    • You'd think management would put out a pr of some type.Heck,just say hello to the 95 of us!It's been a while.

    • Hey, I like the company as well as the folks behind it. I still have my concerns. I can read the financials just fine but additional input is always appreciated by all posters on this chat page. If it was confusing I would call James and ask him for clarity. I have talked to him several times over the last nine months and he has been nothing but helpful and completely honest and up front. They absolutely need financing or a partner and need it pretty much now. I will take your advice and sell all my shares in 180 days if these solutions can not be found. I, like yourself, am amassing a decent position in this company. With 56,354 shares I am pleased with where I am at with a $.52 cost average per share. None the less I will take a holding position until financing or partnerships are made. Good luck on aquiring more shares at a better price!

    • I thought for a pink sheet company about to become OTCBB qualified once again that their financial statements were done pretty very well and really did not leave much out.

      I'm not sure if you are aware of or not on how to read the hit on earnings due to stock options and depreciation and understand the value of their intellectual property that has received international attention.

      The reason I'm still a buyer and believer in the company is that they are so close to closing the big deal...and I believe we will see that shortly with the convertible debt that the company will probably do to get the required financing any young BIOTECH company desperately needs in the early start up stage.

      Do your own DD to become a buyer or sell all you have now. I'm HOLDING and BUYING what I can personally afford.

    • I would love to buy more but this economy is killing me.Buisness is starting to slow and looking at ADMD's share price today made me want to take up drinking again.Well,there I go,popped another top.Salute.

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      • I'm with ya there.

        Got in contact with my source today and confirmed that a deal is definitely in the works and a MOU could be signed and announced as earliest as next week!! I think we're getting very close to our payday on this hidden gem.

        Has taken a lot of patience to hold this stock this long but I believe we may see that light on this one.

        I only wish that our share price was a little higher on the average that will probably determine how many shares we will be offered for ours in the potential swap.

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