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  • wms70354 wms70354 Dec 14, 2008 8:34 AM Flag

    Which is is?Some clarification please...

    After viewing the websites presentaion by Jim Katzaroff(spelling?),I'm a little confussed of which buisness AMIC is in?..Are they in the buisness of selling isotopes or building cyclatrons to sell to produce isotopes,or both,build their own cyclatrons and market the isotopes?...or sell the cyclatrons and partner with others?...Someone?..paradiz?I suspect you are a little more than an investor here...

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    • Think I'll use the spell check from now on...sorry about the misspelled words there...

    • I would like to know at what stage this company is in,personally.Are they close to recieving funding to expand in other areas?We re well aware of they need for these isotopes and,from what I understood,ADMD is the only?company in the U.S.positioning itself to supply these isotopes?If not he only company here,then the advantage is to expand into other markets being closer to your source?Does pricing play large part on securing a customer?I would expect not sence isotopes are short lived.Just an example but if ice-cream was sold @$2.00 a gallon a mile away,but 5 miles further I could buy that same gallon for @$1.50...I would pay the $2.00..chances are my ice-cream wouldn't melt on me before I could get homw and enjoy some.Makes sence for ice-cream,but isn't the life of the isotopes similar?

    • Yes, but only peripherally now. I am semi-retired

    • Thanks isotopeguy.You seem to be very knowlegable when it come to isotopes.Your in the buisness?

    • Unit dose of FDG, that is one dose for one patient, is priced differently depending upon the supplier. In some markets, it can be as much as $600 plus a delivery charge. In other markets, it can be under $200 per dose with no delivery charge, based upon a long term, high volume contract. I tell my clients to work with a number of $250 in their pro formas. That seems to work. Other, less common radiopharmaceuticals can sell for much more and need to be marketed, especially in geographically isolated service areas

    • Do you have any information on how much a vial or unit of these isotopes go for?..I realize you have to have an established cutomer base to figure out sales,I assume ADMD is working on that too??

    • Self shielded cyclotrons are available, eliminating the need for a costly concrete vault. The key is to buy right for both the cyclotron and hot lab instrumentation. Typical costs for a lab to produce FDG (and others)is just over $2M. I know of one situation where it is being done for less than half that amount, with used equipment. Cyclotrons have no moving parts so their economic lifespan can exceed thirty years

    • Just a long term investor. However I go way back to when this company was HHHE and they had a licence to sell Outback Mountainboards. That being said I was in total agreement with Jim Katzaroff when the time and opportunity came up to get involved in the medical isotope field of medicine.

      Advanced Medical does not make any equipment, they manufacture short live radioactive isotopes using new compact technology. The sky is not even the limit to this business. There is a shortage in the medical isotope field and there are new breakthroughs being discovered everyday to use radioactive isotopes (such as cleaning up a nuclear reactor).

      Hope that clears up a few things.

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      • Thanks for the clarification.I also was one that thought these mountainboards was going to be the next big thing for the X-gen.Do you have ant idea what the isotopes or how the sale structure is set up?How does one purchase isotopes?By the drum,barrel,container,pill bottle,eighteen wheeler full?And how are the units priced?..And if the demand is so large,why aren't we selling the hell out of them now?I know one thing,if a company has a good product that is in demand,it will get funding and grow accordingly.Too many questions,too little time...later

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