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  • tradnfrank tradnfrank Nov 1, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Glad to see some volume today-- Highlight on the company here!

    Haven't been on this board for a while. My sentiment still stands that this is a really promising company with the potential for massive returns for investors.

    For those that are unfamiliar with the company, here's a paraphrase from their site:

    Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (AMIC) is a company engaging in the production and distribution of medical isotopes and medical isotope in vivo delivery systems for advanced diagnostic and non-surgical therapeutic applications. AMIC’s objective is to empower physicians, medical researchers, and ultimately, patients by providing them with essential medical isotopes that, until now, have not been practical or economical, in an effort to detect and cure human disease. AMIC targeted the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging industry as its initial cornerstone product-line. AMIC goal is to become the leading US company in the fast-growing field of Nuclear Medicine, in both diagnostics and therapeutics.

    What are Medical Isotopes?
    A medical isotope is a radioactive substance used in very small quantities for safe, cost-effective medical imaging and treatment of disease. New technologies enable therapeutic isotopes to be delivered directly to the site of diseased cells. This is different from external beam radiation treatment where radiation is directed from outside the body.

    Investment Highlights:

    The global market for Oxygen-18 (O-18), a rare and stable isotope target for making the PET isotope Flourine-18 (F-18), is approx. $38M and has been growing almost 20% annually. The market for PET-specific isotopes is currently over $1B, growing over 25% annually, providing a great opportunity for AMIC to position itself as a major supplier of O-18 to other major F-18 FDG manufacturers.

    Technology advances in medical isotope manufacturing allow AMIC to site, build and operate the LINAC isotope production centers at significantly lower costs than traditional cyclotron accelerators, affording AMIC substantial cost reductions and enables AMIC to generate a broader product line.

    AMIC purchased the first Linear Accelerator (LINAC) located in North America specifically designed for the purpose of PET isotopes production, with expanded capability to produce other high demand isotopes.

    AMIC completed the standard PET facility design, the LINAC production facility and the dispensing laboratory, and delivers F-18 FDG to regional customers.

    AMIC ships stable isotopes to customers worldwide.

    AMIC has licensed the intellectual property rights for an advanced neutron production device.

    AMIC is developing a proprietary production method to manufacture Molybdenum 99 (Mo-99) - a method which the Company believes will be the fastest and least expensive with highest yield to solve the current critical shortage of Mo-99.

    AMIC is devoping new breakthroughs in brachytherapy (implanted nuclear medicine agents for treatment of many solid tumor cancers) ultizing resorbable Yttrium-90 (Y-90) seeds.
    Comprised of top industry experts for isotope production and application, AMIC offers a highly experienced management team to move the company forward.

    Sentiment: Buy

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