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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 11, 2013 8:47 PM Flag

    just bought 12000 shares @.19 -- great spec buy here!! hoping to add more! spread the word..

    The stock price is not moving due to being a serious going concern, depressed revenues, high research expenses. If you look at news releases and the share price action around that time it runs a few days before the release and a day or two afterwards at most. They are not a pump company. They will not mislead investors with repetitive news nor will they hire a PR firm to facilitate a pump and dump. The radiogel is well known in the medical community and it is a, "wait and see" for quite a while for ADMD in my opinion.

    Folks do look at the industry as a whole and do price for the potential. It is not my opinion that ADMD wants to present anything for more or less than it is. Look at their clients and their revenues. They report earnings. What are they going to do, lie?

    The medical industry, and especially nuclear medicine industry, know who the companies are and their potential. It is awefully small when taken against other sectors. Right now the stock is priced farely in my opinion if not still a bit high.

    Just look at the history of the stock around any type of good news and let that guide your trade or further investment. The stock and news is actually awfully predictable. I should know with a good four years watching it or so. If you are in this for some kind of double or triple then you have to sell the news because there is no long term catalyst that will form in the next year in my opinion.

    You should add to your position at the right price. The hard part is what the timeline is in your investment. Trade it or hold it for 20% rides up and down while accumulating on the down. The volume is so thin that it does not take long to swallow more shares than you wish you had.

    I really hope that ADMD does well as a company. The guys like Ratchford and the CEO are wonderfull individuals for this company and the Kennewick community.

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