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  • gmoits gmoits Dec 31, 2012 4:50 PM Flag

    stupid in seattle.

    Stick a sock in it. You're a jackass idiot. lol.

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    • That is hilarious. I say that the stock IS NOT worth $.30 a share in the near future and you think I should shut up? Interesting that a little honest opinion on the vaue of this stock so frustrates you. I want earnings reports from the company to value this stock instead of "news reports" which are always questionable by nature and I should stick a sock in it? I make a rational comment and I should go away? Not likely. I will keep buying the stock. I will not pump. I will not ask for pumps. I will seek real numbers from real earnings reports and not speculation.

      If you do not trust the earnings reports, or the share price today, then tell us all what the multiple on earnings should be in order to derive a fair value share price in the next 90 - 180 days. Please. $.30 a share is not realistic and can be traded off of based on earnings and reports available today.

      Do not get frustrated when someone simply posts an honest opinion based on information that is publicly available. Also, do not "PUMP" unless you can deal with a little post when someone would like to add an opinion.

      I will like the share price higher in a stable way down the road.

    • ROTFLMAO. I think this will move up fast in 2013. Good luck to all longs. Sorry, stupid in seattle but I'm looking for some major news soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Oh, I just put you on ignore too since it is time to filter out the riff raff on this chat page now. Never done it before but it is time.

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