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  • bruinfanmslp bruinfanmslp Feb 5, 2013 7:09 PM Flag

    Is Medical Isotopes just boring?

    You look at the states that are legalizing medical Cannibus, and those stocks are soaring through the roof. No Revenue, and huge market caps.

    The government signs a legislative act to produce Medical Isotopes in the U.S. and those companies don't move at all.

    Maybe Medical Isotopes are just boring.

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    • my price is right .18,19..20.22 then down again how about that

    • Those stocks potential to generate very large revenues in the short term are better than ADMD. Also, they get to be on the front page of the newspaper every day when ADMD isotopes are not.


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    • Yeah they are boring as heck but it will make us rich! Remember what both Buffet and Peter Lynch said, to buy the boringest stock there is, it makes tons of money.

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    • i agree the only price we is .19,.20,.21,.22.back down again.whats with that,how good is the good news we are not moving

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      • Sofiatan, the stock is in its trading range. If you screen it for 6 months you will see that range is .18-.21. That is what it is. The news that was posted was good but I am not sure it is for a use patent. There has to be phase 1 - 3 human studies and approval from the FDA along the way. That can take years. In the case of CTIC for instance over a decade. The stock is range bound and there is some accumulation going on. What ADMD needs to do is focus hard on their isotope sales. That is their bread and butter and the only place that they are going to create revenue in the long term until the gel can get going. This can have two impacts. Immediate revenue and building a trusting long term clientelle to hopefully be immediate users of the Gel.

        Anyone who is saying this is a $.30 or $1 stock is just pumping. Sure there is luck and then there is reality. The revenues and its expansion supports none of that today. That is talking about luck...a $1.


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    • yeah, its pretty ironic isn't it. the good news is in time the isotope companies will succeed and we can still accumulate shares on the cheap now

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