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  • bruinfanmslp bruinfanmslp Feb 26, 2013 10:26 PM Flag

    Another great article worth reading.

    It won't let me copy and paste or link. So if you would like to read it, go to the Washington St University Website, and type in "WSU poised to produce medical isotopes". It should be the first article to come up.

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    • This article makes no mention that ADMD is one of the "partners" to WSU. This could actually be bad news if they are not. Money that could have funneled to ADMD will divert to WSU and that is much easier to do for the state and FED as it is a state college and not a private business. This could be one of the impacts to the stock that we are seeing roll out right now.


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      • Also, the big part of their Isotope business isn't going to start until 2015. So it's the Radiogel that is going to move the stock sooner rather than later. So let's hope they get it to Market this year, as they suggest they would.

      • I guarantee you that ADMD is a big part of it through PNNL. As a matter of fact, that is where ADMD's current revenue stream is coming from. If you go read the article about the PNNL winning an award for developing radiogel, that article doesn't mention ADMD either, and we know that is where it came from.

        That is the problem as to why the stock is not moving. They are just not getting enough attention for what they are doing. And they don't do road shows, so they are under the radar.

    • WSU Poised to Produce Medical Isotopes for DOE and the Nation

      When Washington State University can use its expertise and infrastructure to serve our state, nation, and world, it is important that we do precisely that. Recent developments in medical isotopes research have once again afforded us the opportunity to make a significant and lasting impact on the world around us.

      Every year in America, over 25 million medical diagnostic procedures and treatment strategies that rely on the medical isotope molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) are performed. But the supply of this isotope is in jeopardy and our nation faces catastrophic failure of the supply chain. The resulting shortage will put a halt to these invaluable procedures, which involve many cardiac and cancer patients.

    • Congress has recognized the gravity of this situation, and has charged the Dept of Energy with developing a safe, reliable, and domestic supply of Mo-99 by December 2013. Better still, to help mitigate nuclear threats, the nation needs this demand to be met using low enriched uranium (LEU) fuel sources that cannot be cycled into nuclear weapons.

    • To achieve congressional and NNSA milestones in a timely manner, WSU has assembled a team of exceptionally qualified individuals from the WSU Dodgen Research Facility and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to lead this innovative approach to supply Mo-99 for the nation. This team, along with Merrick & Company, and Goodwin Proctor, will undertake a parallel Commercial Scale Demonstration.

      Simultaneously, we will complete the necessary Infrastructure Development Plan, which includes the construction of a new medical isotope processing facility and the development of the capacity to extract radionuclides (i.e., Mo-99). Co-location of target irradiation and the Mo-99 extraction process will alleviate the complex security implications and costs associated with shipping irradiated targets.

      The Commercial Scale Demonstration involves a conversion phase to include (1) target design, (2) target irradiation, and (3) post-irradiation target processing at a pilot scale followed by the demonstration phase to ensure that the entire process satisfies the necessary standards of quality, purity and reliability required for full scale production. Highly qualified professional service organizations will play a pivotal role in preparing the necessary facility designs and construction, licensing, permitting and regulatory approvals to ensure a successful path to market through commercial vendors.

    • This proposal has several key attributes that are unique, and position WSU to expeditiously meet the congressional mandate. Quite simply, we have an incredibly safe reactor design with a spotless record. And since we have already converted to LEU fuel, we are well-positioned to meet Congress’s mandate, perhaps faster than any other site in the U.S. Our ability to partner with a national laboratory to refine the separation chemistry also makes us able to meet the nation’s demand for Mo-99 quickly.

      Another positive consequence of this project involves the revenue generated from Mo-99 production, which will further the core research mission by generating funds to invest in innovative WSU research and graduate student training. WSU already has a vigorous radiochemistry program with over 20 students seeking their PhDs. As a matter of fact, we graduate more PhDs in nuclear chemistry than any other university. I would like to repeat that--WSU graduates more PhDs in nuclear chemistry than any other university; thus, we are a major contributor to our nation’s security.

      This is a big project. But, if it proves successful, WSU will become a model for how intensive and extensive partnerships may be utilized to drive basic research and graduate education while simultaneously making an enormous and positive impact on our state, nation, and world. It will transform and strengthen much of our approach to technology transfer.

      In short, WSU and its partners have the expertise, facilities, funding, and management plan to facilitate rapid progress toward a robust commercial supply of this important medical isotope. In the medium- and long-term, this approach represents an enormous opportunity to advance our research and graduate education missions. But it also positions the research university to drive economic development in our region while expanding our technology transfer operation in creative and innovative directions.

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