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  • bruinfanmslp bruinfanmslp Mar 8, 2013 1:35 AM Flag

    Rocket launcher in the morning.

    How high is this thing going to go.

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    • I want to keep seeing new isotope clients. The gel has to be manufactured and quite a facility will need to be built. Expensive proposition. Maybe, with some luck, we will see some venture capitalists come in to support that great effort. At least there is pretty decent accumulation at the .13 to take up the sellers who are taking those profits.


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      • of course it is. They said they need 5 to 8 million to manufacture Radiogel. But that plan is probably already in place.

        They said Radiogel will be on the market this year. So why not believe them? If you think it is going to be much longer than that, then why invest? Nothing worse than a CEO who lies.

        My feeling is they will have the financing, FDA approval, and the facility ready by the end of summer.

        We shall see what happens.

    • It is getting bought MM style at .13. Funny news on the shares sold. They were a higher price with the warrants a bit higher yet but no where near that ole .21. It seems like a company that is trying to grow. It will trade, accumulate, sell off and do dumb stuff like any tiny company/stock that is on the market should do. It reminds me of many in the past. Going public sucks, my company is not, but sometimes it is the only way to do business.....

      I would like to own more but I own at .14 recently and .10, .12, .70 long so I am not sure where my buy is quite yet. The gel is a long ways off and there is a lot of isotope,"bread basket" that should be developed. There is no way to be long; than to do it a little bit at a time.

      If it is good then it should take years. Starbucks and Microsoft took an agonizing decade+...biotechs are worse, look at CTIC!

      Hell I was talking to grandpa about them when I was only 16! Only yesterday, 24 years ago.

      Moving to "HOLD" because I have bought this low already and I am not sure if the newest investor is starting their long term investment now with hopes of buying lower. Most do start with goals of buying lower....


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      • Not sure why you keep saying that Radiogel is still a long way off. They have already said they expect it to be on the market this year. Frankly they have been on time with everything they have been doing so far, so why should anybody expect Radiogel to be delayed? This company apparently has a great plan.

        The capital raise was as good as could be expected. They don't owe them any cash, and no interest. That is extremely promising when a company will invest with cash for shares.

        There was no volume today on the news. If everybody else is going to sleep on this one, I am going to continue to load up. Fine by me.

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