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  • bruinfanmslp bruinfanmslp Mar 11, 2013 5:39 PM Flag

    Hey Sensi

    You think Radiogel would help Valerie Harper if it were out on the market today? I wonder how much of a miracle worker the stuff really is.

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    • Not sure about the person you are talking about.

      I was talking to my friend, and employee, today who has melanoma. He had a piece cut out of the thop of his head. He has a dent about the diameter of a baseball in the crown of his head today. Last week he had a peice of his lip cut out. He is doing well none the less. He said that the problem with it is if it gets on your heart or liver for instance. Chemo does not work. You have to use radiation. If the stuff is some place you can not cut it out then treatment is tough if not impossible. Keeping radiation in place within a human body that is always circulating is rediculous. We talked about ADMD and Radiogel. To be able to place radiation in a specific area and contain it is a very valuable development was our conclusion. I am stoked about the development.

      The only problem I can see is the production. You have to have the facility certified and several other steps to bring a product to use in the body to the actual market. I believe the interest in the Radiogel is already there in a big way but why ADMD? Why not a big pharma company like J&J or Amgen or someone else? Why does ADMD have it? Is it their certifcations in the nuclear industry? RadioGel by itself is not nuclear. Yet it is intended to be used with isotopes. I am still working though several ideas in my head as you can tell. We all are. I was an investor in a Washington based company that was in isotopes in a market that needs them. Now there is this "other" thing they are trying to do.

      If it was as big as we would like it to be then this stock would be $5 now and $12 on approval.

      It is not unknown to pharma or big investors. Nothing is in medicine. They did not get a silver medal in medicine in the western hub of Biotech, Seattle, WA and people do not know about them. People know but the share price is still horrid!

      I am not going anywhere with my investment but this all builds more and more questions and less answers


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      • I think I know what the problem is. The problem is the equity deal wasn't even close to the amount they needed to commercialize radiogel. It was on good terms-yes, but they need 5 million to 8 million dollars. 450,000 will just allow them to keep the doors open longer. I am sure the street was looking for a few million dollars, not 450,000. I am sure this is a huge disappointment, and now a concern that they may not be able to raise the money to commercialize Radiogel. I'll bet this is why the stock continues to drop. No Radiogel in the near future, put's a 10 million market cap pretty high.

        I would be willing to bet if they announced an equity deal that was enough to put Radiogel to market the stock would go up faster than a pile of hay drenched in Kerosene.

      • Yep, I agree. Something is odd about the whole thing. And if you read my new post "Something is weird", there is definitely something odd about that Paradagimwizard ID on Investorhub.

        Another odd thing, is there are only 19 followers on Facebook. You would think there would be a lot more followers(shareholders or not).

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