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    New article from Market Playground.

    With the increasing rate of life-threatening diseases, including neurological, oncological, and cardiovascular illnesses, the demand for radiotherapy treatment has also increased. In particular, the increase in demand is due to the fact that radiology is the only method to treat many of these disorders.

    Key drivers of the increase in such disorders or illnesses are environmental factors, nutrition, lifestyle, and psychological factors. It is estimated that by 2017, total market share of radiopharmaceutical companies in the U.S. will touch the $7 billion mark due to the growing segment of the aging population and above-mentioned disorders.

    The reason patients prefer radiotherapy treatments is that these methodologies are more effective when compared to the other conventional techniques. Another reason of adopting radiotherapy treatment is that it helps diagnose major diseases much earlier than other diagnostic methods, through dynamic and static imaging of the body’s organs.

    Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation (OTC:ADMD) is one company that is producing and distribution medical isotopes and medical isotope technologies. This company’s medical isotopes are used in molecular imaging, therapy, and nuclear medicine. These medical isotopes are also used to diagnose, manage, and treat diseases.

    High-quality Product Development

    Advanced Medical Isotope Corp. (ADMD) has helped the medical world in adopting new methods of fighting cancer as well as help cancer patients live longer.

    One of the company’s key products, RadioGel, is an effective method of treating cancer. It acts by supplying higher doses of radiation to the precise point where it is needed, to remove the cancerous tumors, which otherwise cannot be removed surgically. This method minimizes the damage of healthy tissue surrounding the infected area. It allows delivery of the insoluble yttrium-90 (Y-90) isotope into the body to treat cancer.

    With relatively scarce production levels and rising demand due to an increasing rate of illnesses globally, I expect RadioGel to be a significant growth catalyst for the company in terms of revenue and stock price.

    Advanced Medical Isotope is in the process of manufacturing the “RadioGel isotope” that will yield substantial technetium-99m to meet the increasing needs of medical practitioners. Advanced Medical Isotope has clinically tested this therapy through an FDA-approved nonsurgical procedure. According to the article:

    Tiny radioactive beads of the isotope yttrium-90 (Y-90) microspheres were inserted near liver tumors that could not be operated on otherwise. A catheter was then inserted into a small incision made near the groin and threaded through arteries until it reached the hepatic artery in the liver. Once in place, millions of micro beads were released, emitting high-dose radiation directly to cancerous cells, sparing damage to nearby healthy cells.

    High-Quality Partnering

    Advanced Medical Isotope, along with Safety by Design, PC, Colorado, and Colorado State University, have entered into an alliance to start manufacturing and supplying medical isotopes in the areas of the medical industry with high demand and low supply.

    The alliance’s initial focus is on the treatment of skin cancer, but will go on to use the same isotope (holmium-166) to treat joint pains, liver cancer, and myeloma. In addition, the company has also obtained an exclusive license from Battelle, the world’s largest independent research and development organization, for eight patents to produce, use, and sell a water-based biodegradable polymer that would transfuse the yttrium-90 microspheres directly into infected tissues.

    The eight patented therapies that Advanced Medical Isotope possesses are:
    1.Two patents for “Stimulus Sensitive Gel with Radioisotope and Methods of Making” –in U.S. with two different patent numbers.
    2.“Sensitive Gel with Radioisotope and Methods of Making”—in Canada.
    3.“Thermogelling Biodegradable Aqueous Polymer Solution”—in U.S.
    4.“Thermogelling Oligopeptide Polymers”—in U.S.
    5.“Thermogelling Biodegradable Aqueous Polymer Solution”—in Canada.
    6.Two patents for “Multiple Stimulus Reversible Hydrogels”—in U.S.

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