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  • gs88gs88 gs88gs88 Mar 18, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

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    Hello. I am trying to learn more after reading some of the Seeking Alpha articles. I am a physician and order some of these isotope tests. I expect to continue to order such tests at a sustained level. The "new legislation" information seems compelling. It is interesting to me that the share price has gone down since this law passed. Any insight into why the decline since the law passed? What else would be the Bear case?
    Any info for or against an investment is appreciated.

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    • The articles have all been good as well as fair to the future developments at ADMD with their funding partners. The challenges are many; all cash based. The company is running increasing debts. They have done some share offerings to raise capital that have diluted the common. There are also several holders of stock, not insiders, who have awarded shares at liberty to sell. Even the CEO has his holdings cut in half by million shares to his wife. She is at liberty to sell. Hopefully not a vengefull spirit.

      The isotope sales are growing but revenues are tiny compaired to operating expenses. They need to develop that busness a lot. That will take more financings or money in exchange for shares at favorable rates to the investor.

      While this is all there they do have RadioGel into the FDA. Approval would be great but to develop facilities and staff for production and distribution will take significant investment. This is a stock to watch and enter in smaller #$%$ if you enter at all.

      The stock was an easy bu at .10 after rising from .06 last year. The challenge as many have found is when good exit points are for some profit. The stock rose well to .21 and then with a slightly higher rise got its legs chopped out from under it. We wait for the 10Q to see share activity from the company as a possible reason for the drop.

      Right now I would read the last 10Q and recent 8K for further insight.

      The Street is not likely on this stock due to its very low share price as well as volume. Good luck doctor.


      Sentiment: Hold

    • I suggest you go to the website and read the company presentation. Because Marco apparently doesn't know very much. A big part of their isotope business doesn't start until 2015, at least the part where they have the Murr reactor contract.

      Right from the company presentation, Radiogel is expected to be out on the market this year. It is expected to do anywhere from 5-15 million in it's first two years, and eventually up to 70-100 million +.

      The stock has been dropping due to some capital raising over the last few weeks. They need 5-8 million to market radiogel. If they continue to do it in bits and pieces, there will be pressure on the stock for awhile. But once they have the money in place, the stock should move back up.

    • Many have serious doubts over how much if any isotopes this company is producing and selling. Radiogel seems to have little interest from the market and its schedule for approval and sale is unknown. This company has been in business for 7 years and so far has produced almost nothing in revenue. New 10K quarterly report is due out soon and will show if any progress has been made. If not, I think this will see .5 cents. CEO Katzaroff is considered by some to be incompetent. I have serious doubts about this companies ability to continue operations.

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