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  • bruinfanmslp bruinfanmslp Mar 20, 2013 6:45 PM Flag

    I sure am enjoying these cheap prices.

    These prices are a steal. I can't help the fact you guys can't do your own research. My shares will be gold.

    Watch and learn.

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    • Me too!!! I bought 5 million shares!!!!!! I'm RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree

    • bmp

    • Not yet Bruin.


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      • Bruin,

        I did not refer to your position or cost basis. I asked if you saw the fall coming and sold into it. If not then you are not able to forecast the next fall. No one said you bought at .25. No one asked for your position. We still have not learned anything. The close was irrelevent today. It is churning and needs to go down further.


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      • To start my average is .155 not .25. Never bought at .25. So it would have to go down to .08 to lose half my position.

        Watch and learn.

        Nice close today huh?

      • But Bruin I am not learning anything from you right now. If you had a good line on the stock then you would not have had your investment cut in half like others here when the stock went from .25 to .12. Did you sell into the high and miss the fall? If not how will you do going into the next fall? There is no, "watch and learn" from Bruin. You do not know anymore than the rest of us do. We all have access to the same information no?


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      • First of all, I have enough money in that I can make a killing if the stock takes off, and yet it's not going to kill me if I lose it all. That's the great thing about buying in at such a low price.

        I have enough experience with OTC's to know when to get out. Sometimes you make money, sometimes you lose money. But for example. I was in HLCS around 1.00. At the time It was looking like a great company with a lot of potential. Well they came out with release that they backed out of a partnership deal. That was supposed to be a huge deal. I decided at that time it was very important for them to do that, so I got out. I lost 15%. But I continued warning other posters to get out for the most part of 2 years, saying that the company was going bankrupt. There was one poster Justmeinvesting calling me a spammer basher, for two years, while he watched his money disappear into thin air, and they went bankrupt. I wouldn't be surprised if he was the one bashing the heck out of the stock right now to try and get even. But really I don't care who it is.

        The thing is, yes the stock has dropped, but why? There has been no news other than raising capital from this company. Raising capital is a good thing as long as you don't get diluted so much, the only way to make it, is a reverse split. I don't see that here, at least not yet.

        The 10k-10Q's are not so important to me right now. What's more important to me is that they laid out a plan(Presentation) in April 2012, and I need to see that they are following the plan to the timeframe that they committed to. So far to me, everything has been In order.

        Radiogel has already won two awards. The CEO continues to buy shares. Just bought $25,000 dollars worth at .15. I don't care how much money you have, you are not going to just throw 25,000 into something if you knew it was going to 0. You don't see too many companies where insiders are buying at the rate these guys are.

        So right now, I am going to say "Watch and learn"

      • I can not post to Bruin's answer so I will post to me. Something wrong with reply button to his post below.

        Bruin, I can not even tell you how many times I have seen the "Watch and learn" post from a pumper right before they were seperated from their money.

        You started reading 10Q only recently based on our posts together as far as I can tell. I have been reading those SEC filings for 7 years or so on ADMD. I think that you are still learning about ADMD so I am not going to watch what you do. I am also not going to learn much from you anytime soon. You better back up a bit and get into this company before your money gets into this company. That is all I got to say about, "watch and learn".


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      • Like I said, watch and learn.

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