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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Mar 28, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    I was told by a poster here about poster research

    So I researched that poster named Bruin. He has been here since all the way back on June of 2012.

    I looked myself up and, oh my, I have been watching this stock since February of 2008. A good investment takes a lot of time and research into SEC reports to know a good entry point. I do not think I will be able to learn much from Mr. Bruin even though he encourages us/me to "watch and learn". It is important to remember that he is not interested in ADMD's financial reports with the SEC. Not at all per his recent post.

    It makes me chuckle.

    Hey, I'll see you all later. Let you know if I add to my position.


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    • It is all peculiar to me as I was buying .08 and .10 stock in nice bundles only 6 long months or so ago to sell down for a free position until I allocate that profit back to the stock for another gainful investment. I do not see any of that in the, "watch and learn" corner. It was back then that we saw increasing revenues against fairly static administrative costs. That was in the SEC reports. Heck, due to quality reporting this company went from .PK to .OB. All of this was planned and in videos provided by the CEO. The share price appreciation was almost telegraphed back then. Such a cool trade while building a core position. The last reports demonstrated that there was a new culture from new ideas. They are agressive ideas that come with incredible risks. It is all in the reports but you all will have to read a couple years of them I think. As you build your core postion it has to be with the intent of $0 real personal capital invested. I am not talking about margin investing at all either. That is financial suicide to me on this stock.


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    • I was originally starting a position back in June. Then I decided not to, and sold my first buy after a short time, and then came back in November.

      And as I say "watch and learn", financial reports are not important right now. It is more important that ADMD get's radiogel on the market. Then we can start looking at financial reports.

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