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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 2, 2013 10:15 PM Flag

    The pumpers

    If the pumpers here, watch and learn types, Milwauki or UCLA fans, would have just done a small amount of DD and read the10Qs and Ks they would have realized that there is a huge amount of dilution coming to this stock. I think I will watch and learn how the pumpers lose a lot of capital involved in their ADMD investment. It is too bad they did not do their DD and bought way back at .06-.10 and sell to cover their investment like some of us.

    I will watch and now they will learn.


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    • Reading those financial reports can give you all the insight into what the company needs to do financially including historical dilution and its growth or reduction quarterly. I like to graph it as well as date it to share volume and price. You can identify trends and predict some degree of active dilution in volume. Then graph it all. With that you can see clean volume and real share price appreciation and buy it. Then it is just a matter of whether you sell that newest core buy position at 90% or 50% or higher. A 10% rise in price warrants the 90% sale if faith in your DD is not high. All in an effort to get you to $0 personal cash on that buy. You can take real profit and push that down further. You have to document everything with EXCEL or good ole graph paper. My personal organic investment is at .0215 now on my position in ADMD. I am still building a position and will of course share my buys with you. I do only buy at 10K shares at a time or so at current levels. If it is moving lower you can see that rise as it is actually a dollar based accumulation most of the time. I am usually a couple cents away from the bottom to the upside. It can be confirmed, short term bottoms with good DD. This company has more shares floating around, coming available to the market to sell, and deals with investors in the works, you have to read everything carefully and document all dates on the shares being exercised, debts due, interest and all sorts of things in SEC filings. All of this helps the speculation on dilution and a confident buy. If done right then you build a core almost without exposure in case it all falls apart. I had good luck in '08-'09 with CTIC with a position of accumulatd shares 221,116 @ .085 like this that I cleared out on the way up to $1.27. I missed the top at over $2 a share early in '10 but it was very comfortable knowing it was not my own money and the house's money. The stock split, issued shelfs and all sorts of horrid stuff

    • Someone on Ignore replied. Too funny.


    • Did you figure out all by yourself that dilution is coming to this stock? They don't call you stupid in seattle for nothing. It probably won't have much effect on the stock price. Some will see it as a positive that hedge funds are willing to invest millions in potential radiogel product. Everyone knew dilution was coming. They have to raise money to get radiogel to market. What matters is the FDA approval of radiogel. If its approved and this gets launched mid year as planned this stock will take off. Time will tell. I don't expect much news for a couple of months other then cash raises.

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