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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 4, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    A long slog ahead

    The pumpers and dumpers, those with mulitple aliases on this board who are the same folks that do not need to read SEC filings to make a good investment decision really are in left field.

    You have to look at those sales of $250K against the huge $8 million in costs. The sales are down and costs way up. They are in isotopes, that is their breadbasket and those revenues came from two clients. Having only two clients is insane. They have had a lot of time now. Those clients are in their own town to boot. They need to put the bycicle with the training wheels on it and rent a car and go get some clients in large metro areas like Seattle, Spokane, Seattle and BC. At this rate they need 100 clients just to make ends meet and that is not assuming their cost of goods sold does not rise. Yikes!

    Now what is worse is that the Radiogel goes to those same clients so the easiest clients to get on board with that is the repeat isotope clients and they do not have really, well any. It is nasty. Even with Radiogel they have already demonstrated that they can not market or sell their core product.

    Now the trading shares has increase by 20% in one, 1, uno quarter. OMG!

    So what kind of insane person buys this stock with the mulitple that it has? Not me, not until the price gets horrid.

    Pumpers, try to learn reading an SEC report and do a little DD. You can not create enough aliases to cover up your ignorance. Don't even start with Hedge funds or investors getting behind this stock. It is easy money for them on the backs of common shareholders with the warrants they recieve. Oh,and those grants and easy taxpayer money? Well Washington state is broke and the Fed is cuting money to fund stuff like this.

    It is not good at all as far as I can tell. All just my opinion. 20% dilution this last quarter (14 mil. shares) and it only took a couple million to cut this stock in half last month.


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