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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Apr 23, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    Another positive point

    The last time the stock was rolling around down here in the hole the buying interest was far worse. While I held my nose to buy more shares at $.09 today I still had to realize that there really is more buying interest. The volume is just, well, better than last year. This is true even in the face of knowing that they are diluting against your position. Now it will be interesting to see, if I choose to do it, if I can sell the shares for a profit against the company while it is diluting. I have had stocks that I literally could not sell against the dilution. Those are bad ones to own!


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    • I always get a kick out of it when the "Buy High Sell Low Ignore Crowd" below gets it wrong. It is funny when a Hedge Fund like Brookline buys a company that is going lower like ADMD according to posters below. Even funnier when I buy below them and am buying when the "Ignore" crowd below is certain that ADMD is failing. Nice to buy before the news comes out. I like that.

      Love it.


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    • A lot of folks here who do not read 10K or even charts would notice that the last time up through $.08-$.10 the volume was really quite low. I do like this volume down here. Certainly is buying interest in the face of company share dilution. The company raising funds from $.20 to $.10 is generating good cash flow for them. This is good buying interest none the less down here!

      Yesterday's $.09 fill at 11:43:28AM was a nice little treat. It was only a small partial at 5,000 shares but I'll take them for that price. Sure would have liked to had the whole thing but it is a good GTC for a while so it might complete.

      Look forward to that news or whatever is out there generating this buying interest!


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      • This is great! Someones on ignore (in the long list below) are so desperate for attention that they made a brand new alias for me! Wow. You know you are right when they want to talk to yah that bad.

        Anyways, pull a history on my posts. You will find some very funny stuff. These folks below on ignore were actually mad at me in the high teens and low twenties when I was posting that Radiogel will take a long time to approve. That it would take a lot of money to launch and that isotopes were the core business and that was not going well.

        They were also mad about many other concerns I had posted. Even mad that I sold my $.10 shares up high. Sure I was posting against their exuberance for the stock when the prices were higher but I was just sharing my research, opinion and observations. Now look; I bet they are mad that I am mildly positive down here in the $.09-$.10! That is great.

        These guys are so good that some of them do not even have to read earnings reports 10K, 8K. I bet that worked out well recently! These guys are the buy high sell low crowd. They are mad at me when I am selling high and mad at me when I am buying low. It is counterintuitive to their thought process and they hate it. Some of them even SPAM here and that is simply rediculous.

        Anyways, I have a post history here that goes back years. Profitable trades and a position that has no personal capital exposure. It is all house money from profits at ADMD. I am not surprised that they are frustrated that I have gone just slightly positive on ADMD. I guess we will see if they are mad at me posting misgivings on the stock when they get positive on the stock many cents higher in share price.

        Sucks to have everyone here on ignore. If you pull the history though it is easy to see why. If they are all on the wrong side of the trade who would want their opinion?

        Added to the new position yesterday and have further buy targets even, well, lower in share price!

        Take care,


      • You are 10lbs of #$%$ in a 5 lbs bag. Good chance this is going bust real soon.

    • I wouldn't bet the farm on this just because it had two good volume days. I want to see some real positive revenue progress or at least some approvals for radiogel. This could still set new lows this week.

    • You are full of #$%$ stupid in seattle. You didn't buy at .9 cents and I doubt you own anything. Get lost A - wipe.

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