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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jun 2, 2013 8:13 PM Flag

    Great increase in year over year volume

    There sure is a lot of accumulation going on now! The year over year volume is great. This company is getting looks by investors and the volume shows it last week. The company must continue to follow through on their presentation plans and continue to develop partners and isotope production near end users. This can be done all over the country and THAT will be the boost in isotope volume and revs.

    RadioGel is not where the money is at in the short term. Not even close. Like I said back when the stock was $.20+ a share, the gel if approved, will take quite a while to develop to production and distribution in my opinion. You even need FDA aproval for the production facility. You also need a lot of money. Meanwhile isotopes market is right there for the taking. Most of the bears on the stock were all fired up postive back when I posted this. And what happened? They got slayed as the price of the stock cratered. They are still here crying bankrupcy and all this other junk and they still do not realize that ADMD is an isotope company. That is where the revenues are and that is where the focus is. They should just leave the site but they "Hope" for the goose to lay a golden egg with RadioGel. I know how that is going to work out. I am looking for growth in isotopes. That is all that needs to happen. I believe it will.

    It is too bad that more people do not see this but there are 200 shareholders like myself that do. So I guess the wining little "buy high sell low folks" who I have on ignore here are actually the minority. I like that. I am looking forward to accumlating more shares like the smart investors buying on big volume last week.


    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Hey stupid in seattle. Did your mother drop you on your head when you where a baby? The only revenue of any significance comes from stock sales. It's going down the crapper fast. Everyone but you seems to get it that Radiogel is the last chance for this turd. If they could manufacture and sell isotopes they would have done it long ago. They need FDA approval on radiogel very soon or its over. Mary is right, they can farm out the manufacturing for now. It will greatly reduce their profits but it gets them started with very low cash requirements. You are dumber then a bag of rocks.

    • You truly are stupid in seattle. Forget isotope sales. The company has had 7 years to grow that end of the business and its a bust. Radiogel is the last hope of this pig. Volume is pathetic. At some point any company has to produce results not just pump out hype. It's running out of time. Production of Radiogel can be done by others in the beginning. They don't need too build a production plant just to get started. What they need to survive is FDA approval.

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